10 Steps to Organized Photos & Memorabilia

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How to organize photos'”.

A photo is worth a 1,000 words…maybe.

I love photographs. I think it’s the stories that are hidden in those frozen frames that draw me in.

Growing up, I would sit for hours and listen to the family stories of Great-Grandma going to school in Ireland by boat each day. Another Great-Grandmother was a college graduate, teacher and business owner. The tales fascinated me.

I love family history. On my maternal grandmother’s side, the genealogy has been traced back to the Revolutionary War. That is so cool.

But if you don’t WRITE DOWN the stories, pictures become just a collection of people on paper.

10 Steps to Organized Photos & Memorabilia eBook

Photo and Memorabilia Organization

At a new client’s home, I was going through drawer after drawer of files. Lots of memorabilia, kid’s art work and photos were found in our purging and sorting. All were set aside to be looked at …later.

Is today your…later?

Is it driving you crazy that you have all these photos and memorabilia, but you don’t know where to start…. storing it, displaying it and saving it?


In my years as a professional organizer I have found photos in some unique places. Very few people have storage solutions for their photos, letters, kid’s school papers, trophies, medals and trinkets that “work.”

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Where are your photos?

Do you have a plan? 10 Steps to Organizing your Photos and Memorabilia will walk you step by step from a pile of memories to a plan for enjoying and sharing those memories with others.

Part 1: Non-Photo Memorabilia
Chapter 1: Letters & Cards
Chapter 2: School Papers & Certificates
Chapter 3: Kids’ Artwork
Chapter 4: A Shadowbox
Part 2: Photos of Your Past & “Life Before Kids”
Chapter 5: The Heritage Album – Your Family’s History
Chapter 6: Your Life in Photos
Part 3: Photos of Life with Kids
Chapter 7: Photo Gifts, Frames & Displays
Chapter 8: Portrait Albums
Chapter 9: Family Life with Kids Displays

Chapter 10: Photo Storage & Protection

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