40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Day 37 The Loft


The upstairs loft has served many purposes over the years.
when we purchased this house, I had no idea what we would use this space for!

Pre-kiddos, it was a home office with beautiful matching office furniture.

Slowly, the loft transformed into a playroom.

A few years back I had had it with the mismatched toy chaos and set out to recreate a Pottery Barn type feel for a lot less moolah.

I found these awesome bookshelves at Office Depot.

The red baskets came from Walmart. It’s not the complete Pottery Barn look, but it’s a ton better than what I had!

What tricks have you found for corralling your kids’ toys?

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House - Day 37 The Loft | Organize 365

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