40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 17: Photos & Memorabilia

I completed 21 scrapbooks in 15 weeks!

I just delivered and completed 21 albums in 15 weeks. What a BLAST!

I LOVE scrapbooking. This is the time of year when old photos come out and stories are told. Maybe 2014 is the year for you to organize your family’s memories.

Memories in the making

As a child, I was the oldest grandchild and would often be able to stay with the grown-ups IF I were quiet. And I was quiet because I wanted to hear the stories of my dad growing up with 5 siblings.

I loved the story of his youngest sister spying and seeing my dad kiss my mom goodnight when they were dating.

I was lucky enough to have 6 great grandparents alive at the time I was born. Listening to my great grandmother talk about her life in Ireland was mesmerizing.

I just love BIG family gatherings.

Memories in the past – photos

The other time that photos always surface is when a loved one passes. Life is so short.

I am so humbled to have been able to help create this scrapbook legacy for this client’s grandchildren.

Yes, it’s massive. But you know what, I’d read every page if it were my dad’s. {I even liked reading each page and he wasn’t my dad!}

For the past 16 years, I have been helping families create scrapbooks and save their stories for future generations.

This year, I have added a few more ways to preserve these memories.

convert VHS to DVD

Video tapes

In among the photos are often VHS tapes. About a decade ago I asked for a VHS to DVD converter for Christmas. It was great to record the kid’s tv shows on DVDs so we could play them in the car on long trips.

I also used it to convert VHS to DVDs of the tapes we had made of my great grandmother sharing her life story with us.

Last week a friend asked me to transfer her wedding VHS to DVD. How fun is that?!

convert VHS to DVD

Audio tapes

In organizing client’s storage rooms, we often come across audio cassette tapes. Everything from 80’s mix tapes {boy did I like making those!} to recorded speeches.

I searched high and low to find a service to convert my client’s tapes. I couldn’t find anyone so, I bought a converter myself.

It is SUPER easy to take your cassettes and download them onto your computer as an audio file with the USB cassette capture.

Then just pop in a CD and burn the audio file as many times as you’d like.

Digital albums

I still have yet to jump on the digital scrapbook bandwagon. I definitely see the benefits; I just love working with pictures and paper.

However, I do have a great digital idea. Since this client’s project is almost as tall as I am, she may eventually scan them page by page and burn them to a DVD for the grandchildren.

Originally, the thought was to scan them and create 3 sets of digital paper albums, but I think today’s digital kids would prefer a DVD. I also love a DVD of pictures playing on the TV during family events.

Hmmm. I may have to do this with my albums…I have WAY more than 21!

I have been researching and this is the scanner that is on my list for tackling a project like this.

10 Steps to Organized Photos & Memorabilia

I have many more ideas for how to display memorabilia, store kids’ art work and more in my eBook 10 Steps to Organizing Photos & Memorabilia.


So, what about you? Are your photos and old VHS tapes stored so you can enjoy them?

This is a BIG task and I know it won’t get done this week. BUT this is a perfect week to pull out those shoe boxes of photos and listen to the stories of years gone by.

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    • says

      It is super easy if you buy the VHS to DVD converter/ player in the post. Essentially the player will play VHS tapes or DVD tapes. AND it has a dubbing button which will play the VHS tape and record it to a DVD.

      I can also use it to record TV shows to a DVD.

  1. Lori Andrews says

    Lisa, Did I miss something? I was looking for HOW you did the 21 scrapbooks in 15 weeks…maybe examples of the pages? Thanks in advance for any guidance here.


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