10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 7

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 7 - Delete Emails From Your Phone | Organize 365

Week 1: Unroll.me unsubscribed you from all the newsletters you no longer read. Week 2: Bills in your Inbox took care of the important money items in your inbox. Week 3: Eliminating Social Media notifications could be another BIG WIN for you in taking back control of your inbox. Week 4: Adding the Gmail Send […]

My NEW Favorite Calendar

CalendarsAndChores -02

So you know how I LOVE my Google Calendar – right? But there are scheduling tasks that I still do on paper calendars, too, and I can’t wait to show you my new favorite calendar! The first task is our family calendar that I post on our refrigerator right above the kids’¬†ONE clips. And the […]