Preparing For High School Carpool

Preparing For High School Carpool | Organize 365

My car is a travelling dump. Can you relate? I just don’t have the energy to constantly fight the messy one to keep the car tidy. Additionally, I don’t vacuum as much as I once did. I haven’t vacuumed out the car in 3 months. YUCK! Our car is 10 years old and has 164,000 […]

Lisa’s 2015 Goals: August Check In

My blogging break this summer helped me to refocus and get some BOG projects done – like my kid’s rooms and my new Organize 365 APP! Here’s how the rest of my annual goals are shaping up. Business Goals for 2015 My business theme for 2015 is to be productive and profitable. Organize 365 is […]

The Sunday Basket: Week 1

Weekly Paper Organization and Planning

I could not do nearly the amount of work I do if I did not have a weekly paper organization and planning system. The Sunday Basket has increased my productivity, reduced our late fees and generally created sanity in our home. If this is the first time you’ve hear of the term “Sunday Basket,” well, […]

The Organize 365 APP is Here!

Organize 365 Logo

The Organize 365 APP is finally LIVE! Download from iTunes Download from Android I can’t wait to tell you all about it. The pictures in this post match my description in the podcast. So you might want to listen as you scroll down. First of all, this APP is NOT a substitute for the Organize 365 […]

My Summer Goals

Well now it’s time to organize – Organize 365. Find out what my Summer goals are for the site!

It’s time for the next phase of Organize 365. Ohhhh that’s a loaded sentence right there. I know how people hate change and so many of you have been reading this blog from the bringing. I can’t thank you enough for your support, encouragement and loyalty. For the past 6 months I have felt this […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 40 – Trading Backpacks for Flip Flops

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 40 - Trading Backpacks for Flip Flops | Organize 365

  Ok I am SUPER embarrassed to admit this… You know how on the last day of school you just want to dump your stuff, put on a swimsuit and head to the pool? Well, we do that each year. And I usually go through those backpacks a few days later. Well, two years ago I […]

How To Listen To a Podcast

How To Listen To Podcasts

I remember the day I figured out how to listen to a podcast. It was shortly after I bought my iPhone. I LOVE audio trainings, books and speakers. I am a sponge for learning! After trying a few entrepreneurial podcasts I stumbled across Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. I was hooked. I did […]

The Organize 365 Team

The Organize 365 Team

Last month 4 of our team members descended on a client’s home and got it organized from top to bottom in 2 days. As a matter for fact we did that with 7 clients last month. Often our clients are at work when we work our magic, but today the client was there and she […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 39 – Organizing Errands

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 39 – Organizing Errands | Organize 365

Welcome to my home away from home. In my frustration this year, I made a list of ALL the things hubby and I do WEEKLY to keep this house running. It’s insanity and totals 30 hours!! That’s a post in itself! Errands eat up a ton of time, so I try to bulk schedule my […]

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 10: Red Boxes & Important Last Week To-Dos

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 10: Red Boxes & Important Last Week To Dos | Organize 365

When I had you pick the colors to use when color-coding your packing, I asked you not to pick red. And the reason why is because the red box is the FIRST box you open in each room. Our team has unpacked many, many families, and unpacking boxes is like Christmas morning. You have no idea […]