The House Tour: Our Basement

Day 2 Organize 365 House Tour Basement

When my father passed away five and half years ago my sister and I were left to empty out our family home. And what I did was fill a 27 foot U-Haul full of furniture and bring it back to my house. So literally when you walk into the basement of my house it’s like […]

The House Tour

Organize 365 House Tour

You have seen pictures from my house for three years now. But it occurred to me that looking inside my cabinets and drawers really doesn’t give you a sense of how my house flows. So over the next three days I’m going to take you on a house tour. Let’s start with the main floor. […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 13: Organizing Kitchen Drawers


I am often called in to help organize a kitchen when literally every drawer has become a junk drawer. Drawers are awesome, and for the first 10 years in this house, our kitchen only had a few. So, when I redesigned our kitchen, I added drawers! I actually only have one more drawer than I […]

The Sunday Basket

Weekly Paper Organization and Planning

What is the Sunday Basket? The Sunday Basket is an idea born out of a major mommy meltdown I had when my babies were babies. Let me set the stage for you… my 2 year old (later to be diagnosed with MAJOR ADD child) was in the throes of a horrible asthmatic period of his […]

Holiday Cooking

My holiday cooking plan

This is the ONE time each year when I actually LIKE cooking. I will make a full turkey dinner a few times in the next 2 weeks just for our family. Mmmmm. I also will spend time baking. But, as you would expect, I will be using prepared mixes to help speed up the process. […]

Heritage Makers Pages vs Creative Memories Pages

Scrapbook album comparison 10

Some of you on Facebook saw that I FINALLY got my NEW Heritage Makers album pages for my Creative Memories albums. And immediately the requests for pictures started pouring in. I am super excited to show you exactly how the Heritage Makers albums and pages compare side by side with the old Creative Memories ones. Let’s […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 12: Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

40 Weeks - 1 Whole House: Week 12 Goal - Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets One By One | Organize 365

This week, we are organizing kitchen cabinets. Some of my cabinets are just fine. Like those with dishes in them . Others could use some help. Can you relate? This is the week to open each cabinet one by one and get them organized. If you have the time and motivation, you can even take […]


Why I hate cooking

  I talked about it in my Organizing Halloween Post. It’s why I asked how long you keep your kids’ Halloween candy in my Facebook group. I started working toward a plan in the early fall,  and of course bit off more than I could literally chew. Oh my! Who lets me do these grandiose projects? […]

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 10

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 10 - Blogger Tips | Organize 365

Week 1: unsubscribed you from all the newsletters you no longer read. Week 2: Bills in your Inbox took care of the important money items in your inbox. Week 3: Eliminating Social Media notifications could be another BIG WIN for you in taking back control of your inbox. Week 4: Adding the Gmail Send […]

Easy Taco Meat Made Overnight!

If you are looking for an easy taco meat recipe that can be made overnight, this chicken one will be perfect for you. Seasoned with Wildtree Taco Seasoning, I'm sure it will be a hit with your family! | Organize 365

I have ONE recipe that my family still likes. Tacos. Don’t worry, I am starting back to freezer cooking in January! I have shared MANY times that I am not a foodie. I want to make quick, easy meals with the fewest processed ingredients possible. The ONE meal I have been able to do this […]