The House Tour: Upstairs

On day 3 of the Organize 365 house tour, I am showing you the upstairs!  | Organize 365

Welcome back! Okay, I just finished straightening up the upstairs. It only looks this good a few times a year so I’m glad we are getting it on film! This loft has been my home office, the kids’ play room and now Abby’s “school” room. We have a tiny upstairs hallway. Now we are off […]

The House Tour: Our Basement

Day 2 Organize 365 House Tour Basement

When my father passed away five and half years ago, my sister and I were left to empty out our family home. And what I did was fill a 27 foot U-Haul full of furniture and bring it back to my house. So, literally, when you walk into the basement of my house, it’s like […]

The House Tour

Organize 365 House Tour

You have seen pictures from my house for four years now. But it occurred to me that looking inside my cabinets and drawers really doesn’t give you a sense of how my house flows. So, over the next three days, I’m going to take you on a house tour. Let’s start with the main floor. […]

5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawer Organization | Organize 365

I had fun on our beach vacation organizing  a drawer at the condo…using  a Froot Loops box. You can see the videos I made on my Instagram  account. I love organizing kitchens, but I realize they can be overwhelming. Here are 5 steps to organizing your kitchen drawers. #1 Take ONE drawer at a time […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 13: Organizing Kitchen Drawers


I am often called in to help organize a kitchen when literally every drawer has become a junk drawer. Drawers are awesome, and for the first 10 years in this house, our kitchen only had a few. So, when I redesigned our kitchen, I added drawers! I actually only have one more drawer than I […]

The Sunday Basket: Week 17 – Memories and Photos

Weekly Paper Organization and Planning

I could not do nearly the amount of work I do if I did not have a weekly paper organization and planning system. The Sunday Basket has increased my productivity, reduced our late fees and generally created sanity in our home. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the term “Sunday Basket,” well, […]

5 Weeks To The Holidays: Gift Wrap Organization

Gift wrap organization is a quick organizing task you can tackle in less than a day. Here are 3 gift wrap organization ideas.

How to organize holiday gift wrap. Well, I went to take pictures for this post, and just as I suspected… there’s not much to take. This is it. This is all the wrapping supplies I have. You know why? We buy gift cards, wrap in bags and generally don’t buy a lot of gifts. My […]

How to Combine Households in an Organized Way

combining households

Today I am answering the reader question – How do you combine households in an organized way? So let’s break this down into combining households WITH kids and WITHOUT kids.  Combining 2 adult households WITHOUT kids. 1. Pretend you’re moving – even if you aren’t. Are you buying a NEW home or is one person […]

Clutter Free Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for clutter free Christmas gifts? These clutter free gifts will help you get RID of clutter too!

‘Tis the season to find the PERFECT gift to put under the tree. What?! You’re not having that warm fuzzy holiday feeling when I talk about buying gifts? Well I can guess why… Giving gifts is fun and meaningful, but what do you get the person “who has it all” or more to the point […]

Elf on the Shelf Preparation

It's time for the Elf on the shelf preparation. Here is how I am organizing my Elf on the Shelf's escapades. | Organize 365

2015 update. I had SOOOOO much fun planning this post and activities for my kiddos and they totally FREAKED OUT! So I didn’t get to do it. BUT I still think it is a great way for you craft/ creative moms to play during the holidays, so I am reposting it this year. This is […]