My No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

My No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

Thursday, March 12 was a No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day. Everything that could go wrong… did. First of all, it was a snow day. I hate snow days! This was after a 10 day snow day “vacation” and all I could think about was the fact that I needed to WORK. My son’s school […]

March Freezer Meals – Light & Healthy

Wildtree March Freezer Meals: Light & Healthy | Organize 365

March – “Light & Healthy” Wildtree Freezer Meals One of my goals this year is to contribute to my family’s cooking schedule. However, upon testing and reflection, I realized that I am not a cook. But I am tired of fast food and carry out meals. Over the years, I’ve been most successful when I have done […]

Lisa’s 2015 Goals: March Check In

Business Goals for 2015 My business theme for 2015 is to be productive and profitable. Organize 365 is starting its fourth year in business. When you work for yourself and set your own goals, it is easy to lose the accountability of a traditional job. It is also hard when your job is your passion […]