5 Tips For Easier Vacation Packing


This summer while packing for vacation, I made daily Facebook live videos. Follow along and see how many of these tips you already do to make your vacation packing easier. 1. Keep a pre-packed bathroom bag for each family member. 2. Keep a written packing list from year to year. 3. Keep all pre-purchased vacation items in one location. 4. … [Read more...]

10 Weeks To An Organized Move: Week 10 – Red Boxes & Important Last Week To-Dos

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 10: Red Boxes & Important Last Week To Dos | Organize 365

When I had you pick the colors to use when color-coding your packing, I asked you not to pick red. And the reason why is because the red box is the FIRST box you open in each room. Our team has unpacked many, many families, and unpacking boxes is like Christmas morning. You have no idea what you’re going to get in all these boxes. And as our clients run out of time, the boxes become more … [Read more...]

10 Weeks To An Organized Move: Week 9 – Planning Your Meals During A Move

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 9: Planning Your Meals During a Move | Organize 365

Let’s just face it... there’s going to be a lot of fast food during the weeks leading up to and after you arrive at your new home. Many people suggest {and I agree} that you should use up what you have left in your home before you move if you have the time. You can keep a list of meals you can make on your phone in the "Reminders" app. However, some families I have unpacked have done … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Family’s Genealogy: Part 4

Step-by-step instructions for helping you become organized using the color-coded genealogy research filling system for Organizing Your Family's Genealogy. | Organize 365

Readers, today’s the day! It seems that Barry J. Ewell and I agree on a BIG TOPIC… that organizing your research findings is CRUCIAL… and organizing them in COLOR is the best way to proceed! Our methods may vary, but their result is the same… memories captured, cataloged and kept, ready to be enjoyed by current and future generations of family members eager to enjoy the fruits of all your … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Family’s Genealogy: Part 3

Over 100 resources covering the variety of digital topics needed for successfully Organizing Your Family's Genealogy. | Organize 365

Ready to go deeper?  We’ve enjoyed two sessions already with genealogy expert Barry Ewell, but he’s not done teaching us yet! The first session taught us WHERE to look for information and from whom to seek those stories that fill in the gaps of our family histories. The second session listed so many different sources in which we might glean just a little more.  Just reading the list of … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Family’s Genealogy: Part 2

Organizing Your Family's Genealogy - Part 2: What information can be found in the home? | Organize 365

Organizing Your Family's Genealogy: Part 2 - What information can be found in the home? I came from a large Irish Catholic family on my father's side who immigrated to America in the 1930's. I was one of 34 great-grandchildren! I just transferred the VHS tape of my great-grandmother telling about her life to a DVD for my kids to watch. She lived to be 103 and died before they were born. I am … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Family’s Genealogy

Organizing Your Family's Genealogy | Organize 365

As a professional organizer, I am often called in to help when a family member has passed and their children need help with the estate. It is so hard to make decisions about your family home, possessions and historical information WHILE you are also planning a funeral, potentially selling a home, and grieving. And very few memories are filed away in easily accessible totes! It has been 7 … [Read more...]

10 Weeks To An Organized Move: Week 8 – The Top 3 Moving Mistakes

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 8: The Top 3 Moving Mistakes | Organize 365

Since I have not moved in the last 20 years, I thought I'd bring in my friend Liz Taylor to share the top three mistakes she has seen in moving. There is no reason to make your move more difficult than it is already going to be. Avoiding these three mistakes as you plan and execute your move will save you time, money, and heartache. Hi, my name is Liz Taylor and yes that is my real name!  I … [Read more...]

Turning Clutter Into Cash


How To Turn Your Clutter Into Cash Many people have trouble decluttering because they see their clutter as piles of cash that they have spent.  I know that I am less of an impulse shopper now that I have given away items that I had to have but then never used. Decluttering is humbling. You realize you have more than you need and often wish you could have a "do over" and get that money … [Read more...]

How To Dispose Of Medicine

How To Dispose Of Medicine | Organize 365

Medicine disposal, particularly what to do with unused or expired prescriptions, is quite a conundrum. I thought it was as easy as going to your local police station or pharmacy and dropping off these unneeded items, but I was wrong. This medicine has been in my house since last spring when I told a client I would drop it off for her. It is just expired Tylenol, but there is a LOT of … [Read more...]

Sorting Vacation Mail

Sorting Vacation Mail

Are you going on vacation soon? Let's talk about how to tackle all that mail when you get back. My clients have some creative solutions for avoiding this critical task. One friend keeps all her mail IN the mailbox until she wants to deal with it. That’s one way to keep it off your kitchen counter! When I came home from vacation this summer, I snapped these pictures to walk you through how I … [Read more...]

Using Post-it Tabs To Organize Your Lists

Using Post It Tabs To Organize Your Lists | Organize 365

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I make little notes all over the place! I write it all down so I won’t “forget” and then have a collection of scrap paper, legal pads, and Post-it notes all over the house, car, and my “office." I can function in the chaos for a bit and then I make a master to do list. In this post, A Super To Do List, I showed how I write each item on a piece of … [Read more...]

How To Become A Professional Organizer


I have guest posted on so many blogs about my journey into the land of the professional organizer. However, I realized last week that I’ve never posted it HERE! {Slaps head.} When I did my reader survey last August, 30% of you said you either were a professional organizer or were thinking about becoming one. Well, I have a Facebook group just for you! You can join it here: Professional … [Read more...]

10 Weeks To An Organized Move: Week 7 – Important Documents & Memorabilia

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 7: Important Documents & Memorabilia | Organize 365

Ahhh, paper and memorabilia. The good news is that paper, even a lot of it, is small. It is easily boxed up and moved from house to house and from generation to generation. And when you are decluttering the BIG things in your house, who has time to organize and purge files or make photo albums?! These are the boxes that I see moved from house to house and aren't even opened. However, these … [Read more...]

Girl’s Bedroom Vanity

Girl's Bedroom Vanity | Organize 365

I've shared with you before how I completely redecorated our kids' bathroom. Today, I am going to share how and why I made Abby a bedroom vanity. The biggest thing I have learned about organizing is that if you don't really think and plan HOW you are going to use the space, it doesn't matter how great it looks when you are done organizing... it is going to become a mess again. SO I really … [Read more...]

Organizing Life Stages & Unexpected Events: Organizing Kid’s Medical Needs

Organizing Life Stages & Unexpected Events: Meeting Your Kid's Medical Needs When They Can't Tell You What Hurts | Organize 365

In today's podcast, I am talking about how to organize your kid's medical needs. I share a lot with you about a few of my kids' diagnoses and how I was able to get their needs met. Ultimately, I had to learn to trust my mama's intuition! The book Healing the 4 A's: Asthma, Autism, Allergies and ADHD by Kenneth Bock really helped me see how all of these symptoms and behaviors kids have … [Read more...]

Organizing Prescription Medications

How To Organize Prescription Medication | Organize 365

I shared with you tips and tricks for organizing your child's special needs. Then, I walked you through how I have made a binder for each of my kid's medical and special needs. And, I've talked about medical deductions. Today, I am finishing out this series by talking about prescription medicine. I am WAY over the fact that our family takes drugs. I have spent a small fortune and tens of … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Child’s Special Needs Binder

Creating a binder for your Child's Special Needs. | Organize 365

If you take the diagnoses of ADHD, Autism, Asthma, and Allergies collectively, 1 out of every 2 children are diagnosed with one of those conditions. And that is a year 2000 statistic! I only know a handful of families that don't have at least one child with a medical or educational need. There really aren't parenting books for this. And organization, well it's SO individualized. Some terms you … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Child’s Special Needs: Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for Organizing Your Child's Special Needs. | Organize 365

Previously, I wrote about being a Warrior MAMA. My role as a mama has been largely shaped by my kiddos' needs. I bet yours has, too. In my case, those needs are medical and educational. Maybe you are a soccer mom, or your child is in competitive dance. There are a lot of organizational components to being that kind of a mom as well, except there is one BIG difference. While you are sitting … [Read more...]

10 Weeks To An Organized Move: Week 6 – Purging, Selling & Staging

10 Weeks to an Organized Move: Week 6: Purging, Selling & Staging | Organize 365

Ok, the clock is ticking and the countdown to your move is speeding up. Now that we have a place for all your to-do lists and papers you might need during the move, and have color coded your boxes, it's time to get your house ready to sell. The amount of time you have and the income you need from your items will determine the pace at which you go through the following 3 phases of getting your … [Read more...]