Lisa’s 2014 Goal Check In: October

Lisa's 2014 Goal Check In: October | Organize 365

Well, this is when it starts. I am already thinking about next year’s goals. I am making changes on my blog, working with a coach and making LOTS and LOTS of lists! I have mastered or lost interest in most of these goals. So, I will give you a report and I am setting “mini” […]

My Financial Story

My Financial Story | Organize 365

I’ve been talking a lot about wanting to pay off debt and starting to use cash, and I think it’s time that I step back and tell you our financial story. In the podcast about infertility and adoption, I told you our story about how Greg and I dated, got married, tried to have children […]

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 3

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 3 - Social media Messages In Your Email | Organize 365

Each week, I am trying to knock out a large chunk of the email that is sitting in your inbox. Week 1: unsubscribed you from all the newsletters you no longer read. Week 2: Bills in your Inbox took care of the important money items in your inbox. Week 3: Eliminating Social Media notifications […]