10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 8

10 Steps to Email Inbox ZERO: Step 8 - The 24 Hour Rule | Organize 365

Week 1: Unroll.me unsubscribed you from all the newsletters you no longer read. Week 2: Bills in your Inbox took care of the important money items in your inbox. Week 3: Eliminating Social Media notifications could be another BIG WIN for you in taking back control of your inbox. Week 4: Adding the Gmail Send […]

I’m taking Wednesdays off!

I'm taking Wednesdays off! | Organize 365

No worries – it’s not from blogging UPDATE, YES, from blogging! No matter how hard I try, I always feel I “can’t get it all done”… can you relate? I LOVE blogging! And organizing and podcasting and parenting and…. But there are just 24 hours in a day. News flash, I know! So, while I […]