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Later today, I am helping a woman find the direct sales company that is right for her. I LOVE to help women find their direct sales niche.

I know about a LOT of companies. Not all, but a lot.

However, I was not ready for what happened a few weeks ago. I was contacted by a new direct sales company, Bona Clara. They wanted to make sure I knew about what they had to offer so I could have their company in mind when talking to women.

I was skeptical to say the least.

First, I am not a skin care lady, and second, I don’t want to be referring business from the corporate end; I want my referrals to be authentic and from experience.

I won’t lie; I was really flattered and figured it would go…nowhere.

I checked out a few articles they had linked on their site and found myself being drawn into their business model.

#1 They ENCOURAGE social networking online - Say what?

That’s what I tell people!

successful direct sales

#2 Their product is DIFFERENT for different age groups.

It’s kind of like having a built-in target market.


#3 They realize that women are NOT attending “parties” anymore.

This one blew me away – seriously, not only are you saying that, but you put it in an article in the Boston Common?

This company was on my wavelength as far as how consultants can most effectively market a product.


Bona Clara | Organize 365

I didn’t have very long to ponder. They sent me a kit AND access to their back office just like a consultant would have. They wanted me to experience them as a consultant would. WOW.

Seriously. I washed my face with water,then I was like a kid at Christmas opening this box.

I started with the Play With Me box.

Bona Clara | Organize 365

These cute packages housed the essentials for getting a business launched.

Bona Clara | Organize 365

The little box on the right had samples of all 4 ages of skin care lines. But look at that packaging! I felt like I was joining a party!

Bona Clara | Organize 365

I love little bottles.

Bona Clara | Organize 365

Also in the kit were full size samples for me in my, ahem, 40 year old skin care line.

Bona Clara | Organize 365

In the Work With Me box was the kind of training I have experienced in very established direct sales companies. AND they had a planner for a consultant’s first year in business!

Planners are my love language. I was hooked.

bona clara

bona clara

I was still skeptical about recommending such a young company {18 months old}. How would they be handling leadership?

They thought of that one, too.

Leadership is everything in direct sales. Bona Clara has created a Founding Leaders program. Essentially, if you already have leadership experience and you can demonstrate your recruiting and sales in this new company, you can help shape its destiny.

Honestly, that is what I wanted to do 3 years ago. I wanted to take my industry and direct sales knowledge and help build a direct sales business in my field of expertise.

Make no mistake about it; skin care is NOT my field of expertise.

The hardest thing for a seasoned direct seller to do is start back at the bottom in another company. Bona Clara figured out a way to overcome that obstacle for 12 women.

I guess we were meant to meet. On Monday, I started a series of training calls with the Bona Clara consultants.

We just had our first training on Monday: Ten ways to sell your product beyond the traditional party. And we have 3 more scheduled.

I do not receive any compensation if you check out Bona Clara; I am not a rep. – Just in case you were wondering!

But if YOU like skin care – I would put Bona Clara on your short list! You can check out their Amazing October promotion here.


bona clara


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    Isn’t it wonderful? I was SO impressed with the training materials right in the box – they are fantastic for DS pros or for newbies starting out with the kindler, gentler social selling model Bona Clara champions! And I’m a skincare fanatic! I’m so excited about Bona Clara, thank you for working with us!

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