What I Buy Online & At Costco

What I Buy Online & At Costco | Organize 365

I have shared numerous times that I do my shopping in BULK. I love to do a HUGE once a month shop for everything we need that is not food.

BUT there are a few items I do not buy at the store.


We do have a Costco membership because it saves us SO much money on just 3 items:

What I Buy Online & At Costco | Organize 365

Kitchen and Leaf trash bags. I go through SO many trash bags as a professional organizer and you can NOT beat Costco on price AND quality. Seriously, we would shop here JUST for our trash bags.

I buy 2-3 boxes of each when I shop every 2-3 months.

What I Buy Online & At Costco | Organize 365

Plastic silverware. I have one kiddos who likes plastic ware over silverware. And you know what? Plastic spoons can’t make that annoying clink, clink, clink sound.

Costco has the best price on bulk plastic ware.

What I Buy Online & At Costco | Organize 365



There are 3 items I now buy exclusively from Amazon – and it’s not for the price.

What I Buy Online & At Costco | Organize 365

Bounty paper towels, Cottonelle toilet paper and Kleenex brand tissues. I am not a generic girl. I like what I like.

I have spent so much time clipping out 30 cent coupons and waiting for these products to go on sale. then I have to FILL my cart with bulky paper products, buy them, put them in the car, bring them in the house and put them away.

I have decided that the $5-10 more that I spend on my bulk shipment every 6 weeks is FAR better than all that time, effort and sweat.

NOTE** The prices change on these items ALL the time, so I do NOT do an auto-ship. I go in and see what is the current best deal.

Now when one of the 3 of those is getting low, I place an Amazon order. All I have to do is open a few boxes and put them away. LOVE IT!!

What about you? Is there anything you buy in bulk? Why?


  1. melissa says

    i also like to buy in bulk lisa. however i never thought to check out my favorites on Amazon. i buy several things in bulk just like you, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags but i also buy dawn dish soap. i would like to see/hear what other suggestions you may have for buying in bulk 🙂

  2. Loraine Taylor says

    I live 70 miles from the nearest city to buy at Walmart and Sams club, so I too purchase a lot of stuff from Amazon.com. I too watch the prices and buy when they are low. Tide, toilet paper, paper towels, oxyclean. Most of my toiletries. My amazon prime just raised to $99 a year, but that is still less than the $40 in fuel for just one trip to town. And don’t get me started on the convenience of it being delivered right to my door in 2 days with no shipping.

  3. Mary Ellis says

    I love Amazon shopping for the convenience of finding exactly what I want and need with a few mouse clicks, instead of driving from store to store. Then when it shows up at my door two days later, all I have to do is bring it in. A neighbor once asked “where do you put all that stuff.” My answer – “in the pantry, kitchen, closet or bathroom until it is all used up and I need more.” I also buy most all gifts on Amazon too. It is so easy to have them gift wrapped and mailed with only a couple of mouse clicks once again.

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