Top 5 Lessons I Have Learned While Professionally Organizing Kids’ Bedrooms

organizing kids' bedrooms

I am sharing kids’ bedroom organization ideas over on this week. 5 Easy Ways to Organize a Boy’s Bedroom 5 Easy Ways to Organize a Girl’s Bedroom Here are the top 5 lessons I have learned while professionally organizing kids bedrooms. One of my first professional organization jobs was to organize a 12 year […]

Girl’s Bedroom Vanity

Girl's Bedroom Vanity | Organize 365

Yesterday, I shared with you how I completely redecorated our kids’ bathroom. Today I am going to share how and why I made Abby a bedroom vanity. The biggest thing I have learned about organizing is that if you don’t really think and plan HOW you are going to use the space, it doesn’t matter […]

Pretty Project – How to Organize Nightstand Drawers

Pretty Project - Organizing Your Night Stand Drawer | Organize 365

I am such a functional organizer: $1 plastic shoeboxes, using what you have, maximizing space inside cabinets. But I WANT to be a PRETTY organizer. You know… those Pottery Barn rooms, Better Homes and Gardens magazines and blogs like i HEART Organizing. Pretty. My goal this year is to give myself permission to make 12 spaces in […]

Organizing Bug: Color Coded Drawers for Jewelry!


    With SO many fashionable jewelry pieces to wear, how can you keep it all sorted AND accessible?  Jennifer has the answer with her color coded drawer system!   Is that not the coolest?     My jewelry collection is growing, so I think I might have to go find a drawer set and […]

Little Girl Bedroom Organization

Organizing A Little Girl's Bedroom: Part 2 | Organize 365

We had a fun mother/daughter day of cleaning and organizing yesterday. Here are the steps I use for little girl bedroom organization. The first step in organizing is determining HOW you use space. Abby had recently migrated all her school “teaching” items to the loft. However, the loft was still full of toys Joey had […]

Little Girl Bedrooms ~ Part 1

My daughter has the day off school and no matter how many bins I buy… little girls have LOTS O STUFF! So today we are spending the DAY organizing her room, and the upstairs loft. Before         Unfortunately, we pitch stuff often, and she’s pretty good at that,so not much will be […]

Works for Me Wednesday: Electronic Lockdown!


I have a problem… a BIG problem. My son is 12. Do I need to say more? I have been in a heated race the past two years to keep ahead of his technological knowledge and ability to override my parental wishes in the realm of technology. Lately we have been in an unending battle over how […]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Days 26 and 27 The Kids’ Bedrooms

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House - Days 26 and 27 The Kids' Bedrooms | Organize 365

I spend a ton of time maintaining my kiddos’ rooms. Once I  fall behind, it takes forever to get caught back up! Since it has been SO unseasonably warm in Cincinnati, we have already changed the kids’ clothing over to spring. Fortunately, it seems we will be able to make it to summer without having […]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House Days 19 & 20 – Master Bedroom and Master Closet

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House Days 19 & 20 – Master Bedroom and Master Closet | Organize 365

Well, I’m supposed to be a little bit beyond halfway through my personal challenge of decluttering my WHOLE house in 40 days! First, everyone in my family except me had the flu last week. I have been working hard on my challenge, but I haven’t taken as much time to blog about it ~ sorry about […]

40 Days ~1 Whole House – Day 17 – Corralling Electronic Clutter

40 Days ~1 Whole House – Day 17 – Corralling Electronic Clutter | Organize 365

I have had it with our electronic clutter! There are cords everywhere, but never the one I need!   The problem:   I have things charging in the laundry room, kitchen, bedrooms and my bathroom!   No one could find headphones last week. Once I corralled all our clutter – I found 7 pairs!   […]