Organizing the Professional Woman Day Two

organizing the professional woman

Yesterday I shared Organizing the Professional Woman Day One. When we left our client was working hard on sorting memorabilia. The next day we did a quick walk through the kitchen before she had to leave for the day again. With the client away, Carol and I can organize, but we cannot purge. The morning and […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 16 – Linen Closet Organization

Organize your linen closet!

Is your linen closet organized? We have lived in our home for 19 years. Many of the homes I organize are family homes that have been the hub of the family for decades. If you want to know how many decades? Check the linen closet. Linen closet organization is like an archeological dig. Usually the […]

Under the Stairs China Closet

Organizing a China Closet

My aunt did a FABULOUS job creating this under the stairs china closet!   She even added cup hooks! AND extra shelving units AND a plate divider rack!   Awesome use of space, Mary Pat! Here are my Amazon links to some of the products she used: The Grayline Jumbo kitchen helper shelves Organized Living 4 […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 9 – Front Hall Closet Organization

40 Weeks - 1 Whole House: Week 9 Goal - Organize The Front Hall Closet | Organize 365

This week, we are going to look at the front hall closet organization. Now is the time to assess your kids’ winter coat situation and prepare for holiday winter coats in your closet. Now, when you are thinking about your front hall closet, I want you to really DREAM. What would you LOVE to have […]

Organizing Closets to Sell Your House Faster

Organizing Closets to Sell Your House Faster | Organize 365

I am often called to help get a house ready for sale. It is no secret that an organized house sells faster than a disorganized one. Organizing closets to sell your house faster is a smart business move. It is also a great way to relieve your stress and move only what you LOVE and USE […]

90 Bags in 9 Weeks: Week 7 – Basement Closets

summer side bar

I don’t know if I or you can fill 90 bags this summer, but I’m going to try. Join me in my Summer Decluttering Challenge!! On every single organizing job I do, we start with getting rid of the trash and donations. THEN a few hours later, we are left with what NEEDS to be organized. […]

Organize 365 Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge WEEK 8: Closets

Organize 365 Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge WEEK 8: Closets | Organize365

Closet organization tops most homemakers’ organization lists.  Today, I am going to share with you four out of the box closet organizing ideas! #1 – Stack and hang to maximize cubby closets. Just look at all of that organization in a small space!   #2 – Take out the wire shelving. We don’t have an […]

Organizing Bug: Coat Closet Organization

Coat Closet Organization | Organize365

  My friend Kim and I have been organizing together for over a decade!  Look at what she did with her coat closet!   Great shoe storage idea for not-so-little anymore kid shoes!  And I LOVE the hat idea!   Thanks for the great ideas, Kim!

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Perspective On Organization From a Professional Organizer

scrapbook closet

When I say, “I’m organized,” what image pops into your head? As a professional organizer, I am called in to help create systems, de-clutter and “organize” a variety of spaces. I have been in homes that would qualify for hoarders. Often the owners think I can transform a lifetime of accumulation into a Pottery Barn […]