The ONE Clip

One Clip

Today, I'm tackling the deluge of school papers. What do you do with all those notes, reminders, and "special" event papers for the school year? Listen to the podcast here: I make "ONE Clip." I use ONE magnetic ONE Clip for each of my kid's school papers for my daily paper organization system. After I purged all extraneous papers from the backpacks, I was left with these events … [Read more...]

Organizing the Professional Woman Day Two

organizing the professional woman

Yesterday I shared Organizing the Professional Woman Day One. When we left our client was working hard on sorting memorabilia. The next day we did a quick walk through the kitchen before she had to leave for the day again. With the client away, Carol and I can organize, but we cannot purge. The morning and evening times with the client are critical to know what should stay and what should … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 14 – Meal Planning

Meal Planning Organization - Week 14 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

  Since we are organizing the kitchen, we might as well talk about organizing your meal planning. Honestly, I am the last one to give advice on this one!! Here are a few things I DO know about meal planning. 1. Meal planning saves time. There is no doubt about it. When I have a list of meals we will be making for dinner, I can add at LEAST 3 hours to my week. Food is SUCH a problem … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawer Organization | Organize 365

I had fun on our beach vacation organizing  a drawer at the condo...using  a Froot Loops box. You can see the videos I made on my Instagram  account. I love organizing kitchens, but I realize they can be overwhelming. Here are 5 steps to organizing your kitchen drawers. #1 Take ONE drawer at a time If you empty out and organize ONE drawer at a time, you can organize in 15 - 30 minute … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 13 – Organizing Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawer Organization - Week 13 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

I am often called in to help organize a kitchen when literally every drawer has become a junk drawer. Drawers are awesome, and for the first 10 years in this house, our kitchen only had a few. So when I redesigned our kitchen, I added drawers! I actually only have one more drawer than I used to have, but they all function better. But no matter how many drawers you have or don’t have, the … [Read more...]

What Can I Do with All This Plasticware?

DSC_0356 (2)

Does your Plasticware cabinet look like this? Or your drawer like this? Stop for a minute. DO you LOVE your plastic storage? Or is this the one area in your house where you say to yourself, "It's free and I could use it to store something someday, so I'll keep it "just in case" Seriously. We keep lids with no bottoms because we "might find them." No we won't. We keep bottoms … [Read more...]

Kitchen Organization Products

sherry pantry after 1

What an amazing opportunity! Organize 365 and Fox 19 have teamed up to giveaway a kitchen organization session. Here is  how I picked the kitchen to makeover. Today, I am going to share with you my favorite kitchen organization products. My favorite kitchen organization products I feel like I am becoming a minimalist. I am de-cluttering and donating stuff weekly at my house. Just when I think … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 12 – Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Organization - Week 12 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

This week, we are organizing kitchen cabinets. Some of my cabinets are just fine. Like those with dishes in them. :) Others could use some help. Can you relate? This is the week to open each cabinet one by one and get them organized. If you have the time and motivation, you can even take everything out and wipe them down! My pantry is in cabinets now that I took out our built-in pantry. I … [Read more...]

Pantry #3 “Fixed Wooden Shelves”


I am often called in to organize pantries. Pantries are hard to KEEP organized because your family's tastes, food choices and what's on sale are ever changing. So, pantry organization is an area you cannot organize one day and then walk away. It takes maintenance, purging and often a complete overhaul. The first week I shared with you a standard pantry with wire shelves. Last week I … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 11- Organizing Food

Food Storage & Organization - Week 11 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

When I was growing up, my mom would pull all the leftover food out of the fridge and serve "refrigerator review" for dinner. It was a great way to use up our leftovers and clean out the refrigerator. Step one in organizing food is to eliminate what you no longer need. This is the week to take an inventory of what food you have and clean out the fridge to make room for your family's yummy … [Read more...]

Food Pantry Organization ~ Client #2, Walk-in

stratman pantry after 13

This beautiful mama, {with 4 kiddos} wanted me to organize her pantry. After taking measurements, she emailed me oodles of pictures: and the right side... Her shelves were super deep - 18 inches! The shelves on the left were 36" long and 48' on the right. I noodled it around all night long, and by the morning I had a BRILLIANT idea! Office paper box lids! They would be … [Read more...]

Food Pantry Organization ~ Client #1


I have organized 5 food pantries in the past month. The kitchen is the HUB of the home. It's command central. And it is always being pillaged by the natives! Here are the top 3 problems most kitchen pantry stockers face: #1 Stocking the pantry {AKA getting the food to FIT and be used} #2 Eating what you've actually bought #3 Knowing what you need to replenish    Enter … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 10 – Kitchen Counters and Zones

Kitchen Counter Organization - Week 10 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

Thanksgiving is three weeks away! Whether you are having the big meal at your home or traveling, now is the time of year where many delicious family favorite treats are made. Even I use my kitchen a lot between now and January 1. I will make pumpkin bread, mashed potatoes and a full turkey... at least twice... as well as iced sugar cookies. For the next four weeks, I will walk you through … [Read more...]

Under the Stairs China Closet

Organizing a China Closet

My aunt did a FABULOUS job creating this under the stairs china closet!   She even added cup hooks! AND extra shelving units AND a plate divider rack!   Awesome use of space, Mary Pat! Here are my Amazon links to some of the products she used: The Grayline Jumbo kitchen helper shelves Organized Living 4 Sort Divider 2 Tier Corner Shelf   … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 3 – Organize Your Weekly Lunches

Lunch & Snack Organization - Week 3 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

  This week I am going to share with you how to streamline and organize your family's weekly lunches. Kids' Lunches First, do you have a kid friendly snack station in your kitchen or pantry? Do you have a lunch packing station? Having everything you need in one spot saves SO much time! Creating a lunch packing station will save you time and money. Just like meal planning … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 1 – Kitchen Paper

Kitchen Paper Organization - Week 1 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

This is YOUR year to FINALLY get organized! Last time I tackled organizing my whole house, I was tired, overwhelmed and BUSY! At the end, I had touched Every. Single. Thing. in my house, but was it necessary? This time around we are going to go through the whole house, but with a different twist… we are going to focus on setting up new SYSTEMS. How YOU use your space. What works for YOUR … [Read more...]

My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine | Organize 365

I am a morning person. I wake up READY to go! I have so many ideas, goals and plans. I am like  jet engine approaching take off, but the tower has delayed my flight for 40 minutes. The reason from my delay? Kids. For years, I have spent my mornings frustrated, hurrying the kids along and generally creating stress. Seriously, last year I would make the kids' breakfast and then stand … [Read more...]

My NEW Favorite Calendar

CalendarsAndChores -02

So you know how I LOVE my Google Calendar - right? But there are scheduling tasks that I still do on paper calendars, too, and I can't wait to show you my new favorite calendar! The first task is our family calendar that I post on our refrigerator right above the kids' ONE clips. And the second is my blog post idea/ writing calendar. It drives me crazy when I get to this point in … [Read more...]

Products To Help You Organize Your Refrigerator

Products To Help You Organize Your Refrigerator | Organize 365

Keeping the refrigerator clean and organized is a weekly task. Every time I put it off until next week - I regret it! Refrigerator organization products really help you keep your food fresh and your refrigerator clean. I decided to contact a few companies to send me some cool new products to review. WOW! These products are really cool! Fresh tape is a fun product that my kids love to use on … [Read more...]