5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawer Organization | Organize 365

I had fun on our beach vacation organizing  a drawer at the condo…using  a Froot Loops box. You can see the videos I made on my Instagram  account. I love organizing kitchens, but I realize they can be overwhelming. Here are 5 steps to organizing your kitchen drawers. #1 Take ONE drawer at a time […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 13: Organizing Kitchen Drawers


I am often called in to help organize a kitchen when literally every drawer has become a junk drawer. Drawers are awesome, and for the first 10 years in this house, our kitchen only had a few. So, when I redesigned our kitchen, I added drawers! I actually only have one more drawer than I […]

What Can I Do with All This Plasticware?

DSC_0356 (2)

Does your Plasticware cabinet look like this? Or your drawer like this? Stop for a minute. DO you LOVE your plastic storage? Or is this the one area in your house where you say to yourself, “It’s free and I could use it to store something someday, so I’ll keep it “just in case” Seriously. We […]

Kitchen Organization Products

sherry pantry after 1

What an amazing opportunity! Organize 365 and Fox 19 have teamed up to giveaway a kitchen organization session. Here is  how I picked the kitchen to makeover. Today, I am going to share with you my favorite kitchen organization products. My favorite kitchen organization products I feel like I am becoming a minimalist. I am de-cluttering […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 12: Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets | Organizing 365

This week, we are organizing kitchen cabinets. Some of my cabinets are just fine. Like those with dishes in them . Others could use some help. Can you relate? This is the week to open each cabinet one by one and get them organized. If you have the time and motivation, you can even take […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 11: Organizing Food

40 Weeks 1 Whole House Week 11 Organizing Food

When I was growing up, my mom would pull all the leftover food out of the fridge and serve “refrigerator review” for dinner. It was a great way to use up our leftovers and clean out the refrigerator. Step one in organizing food is to eliminate what you no longer need. This is the week […]

The Great Kitchen Makeover! If You Don’t Live in Cincinnati & Didn’t See It Live… Here it is!


Did you see it?! WOW! Was that fun! Here are the video clips from the FOX 19/ Organize 365 Great Kitchen Makeover Give away! What to know more?  Here is how I picked the winner. And here are the products I used on air. What do you think? Are these ideas you have already done […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 10 – Kitchen Counters and Zones

40 Weeks - 1 Whole House: Week 10 Goal - Take Everything Off Your Kitchen Counters and Give Them a Good Scrub | Organize 365

Thanksgiving is three weeks away! Whether you are having the big meal at your home or traveling, now is the time of year where many delicious family favorite treats are made. Even I use my kitchen a lot between now and January 1. I will make pumpkin bread, mashed potatoes and a full turkey at […]

Under the Stairs China Closet

Organizing a China Closet

My aunt did a FABULOUS job creating this under the stairs china closet!   She even added cup hooks! AND extra shelving units AND a plate divider rack!   Awesome use of space, Mary Pat! Here are my Amazon links to some of the products she used: The Grayline Jumbo kitchen helper shelves Organized Living 4 […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 3: Organize Your Weekly Lunches

40 Weeks - 1 Whole House: Week 3 Goal - Plan out lunches for yourself and your family | Organize 365

  This week I am going to share with you how to streamline and organize your families weekly lunches. Kids’ Lunches First, do you have a kid friendly snack station in your kitchen or pantry? Do you have a lunch packing station? Having everything you need in one spot saves SO much time! Creating a […]