IDLE 5: Books

IDLE - Identify, Decide, Locate or Let Go, Evaluate - Books | Organize 365

This week on the IDLE podcast, I'm talking about books. So, let's walk through the IDLE process and investigate how to create your mindset for how you deal with the different types of books in your home. Step 1: Identify First, we need to identify what item of clutter we want to change your mindset for. This week, we are talking about books. Step 2: Decide Books have a lot of emotion … [Read more...]

How To Buy And Download An eBook


  Yesterday, I shared why I have made the transition to reading eBooks in place of reading paper books. Today, I want to share with you the easiest way to buy, download, and organize your eBook collection. I have a PC computer and an iPad, and someday I’ll have an iPhone... Hopefully while they are still in vogue! You can buy eBooks as a PDF download {like mine} or on Amazon as a … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 29 – Home Library Organization

Book Organization - Week 29 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

Now that I have been blogging about organization for more than four years, I am challenging myself to move deeper into home and work organization challenges. So, I thought I would tackle home library organization. Simple, right? Holy COW! I didn't realize how MANY books we have and how many different places I store them! I am slowly moving my library collection over to my iPad but WOW! This is … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 23 – The Family Room

Family Room Organization - Week 23 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

We have lived in our home for 19 1/2 years. Our family room has been through many seasons in our life... no kids, babies, toddlers, and now, teenagers. The FAMILY room meets the current needs of the FAMILY. Of all the rooms in our house, this one is the one that needs to be reorganized and maintained the most. Everyone has different standards and needs that their family room meets. We eat in … [Read more...]

July Organizing Bug Round Up!

Organizing Bug | Organize365

I'm going to start something new monthly now.  At the beginning of the month I will post an Organizing Bug Round Up full of all kinds of great ideas to help you get organized that my readers have shared with me.  I'm also going to start posting them on Instagram, so make sure you go over and follow me!  Here's July's Organizing Bug Round Up - Enjoy! Kelli has a great solution for sending … [Read more...]

Help! I don’t know how to read eBooks. And other FAQ about the Ultimate Homemakers eBook Bundle Sale


I know I have been sharing about the Ultimate Homemakers eBook Bundle everywhere and often!   So, naturally, I have been getting some IRL {in real life} questions about the sale, eBooks and cash. FAQ about the Ultimate Homemakers eBook Bundle   ·         What the heck is an eBook? ·         How do you read eBooks? I don’t have a Kindle or iPad. ·         Why are they so … [Read more...]

My 40 Days ~ 1 Whole House Challenge is DONE!

How I Organized My Whole House In 40 Days! | Organize 365

On Easter, I quickly straightened the front hall closet. I had already cleaned the front porch and put out my spring "children" and decorations. I can't believe how much I accomplished in organizing our home during Lent. About 10 days ago hubby started his repeated comments about how organized our home was. He was so happy with the lack of clutter! I think the turning point … [Read more...]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Day 37 The Loft

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House - Day 37 The Loft | Organize 365

  The upstairs loft has served many purposes over the years. when we purchased this house, I had no idea what we would use this space for! Pre-kiddos, it was a home office with beautiful matching office furniture. Slowly, the loft transformed into a playroom. A few years back I had had it with the mismatched toy chaos and set out to recreate a Pottery Barn type feel for a lot … [Read more...]

Day 34 The Dining Room

40 Days 1 Whole House: The Dining Room | Organize 365

Let's face it, I don't cook. So to have a whole room related to dining is well... not me! I love the look of a wooden table, so I have stripped away the table cloth. I know the table might get damaged, but what's the point in protecting something you never see? I FINALLY recovered these chairs. After years of "meaning" to get to it, I went out and bought the fabric. A good friend helped me … [Read more...]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Day 32 The Family Room and Day 33 The Living Room

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House - Day 32 The Family Room and Day 33 The Living Room | Organize 365

Family Room This room has stayed fairly picked up as of late. Ah hem. But these snowmen should have been put away weeks ago! {And also the Christmas wreath out front!} That's better! I have PURGED the DVDs and video games. A quick cleaning was all I had left in this room! The living room was an easy clean as well. I PURGED this game drawer. And moved the … [Read more...]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House ~ Day 5 – Basement Family Room

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House ~ Day 5 – Basement Family Room | Organize 365

Before:     My Professional Organizer self interviewing my hoarder self. What is this room’s purpose? I FINALLY have my kiddos playing downstairs when their friends are over {or not}. I also have workshops and meetings down here. It is a nice homey space with great sunlight during the day and a warm fireplace at night.  What IS working in this space? I have really culled the … [Read more...]

Christmas is Over

I cannot believe how often I have talked about this Christmas tree. Every year, it is getting harder and harder for me to get all my Christmas decorations put away. What is it about some chores that take on a life of their own? Honestly, it’s been harder since my parents divorced and then my dad died. Holidays really are hard once you have lost a close loved one. I think it’s the … [Read more...]