Google Calendar – a Reality Check

Google Calendar: A Reality Check | Organize 365

How are you doing with the 40 Weeks 1 Whole House challenge? Are you ready for week 2? I am getting such GREAT feedback! I just have to share this email from a friend after she bit the bullet and started to use an online Google calendar. Oh, but that I could have met you years […]

Preparing For High School Carpool

Preparing For High School Carpool | Organize 365

My car is a travelling dump. Can you relate? I just don’t have the energy to constantly fight the messy one to keep the car tidy. Additionally, I don’t vacuum as much as I once did. I haven’t vacuumed out the car in 3 months. YUCK! Our car is 10 years old and has 164,000 […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 32 – Car Organization

Organizing Your Vehicle | Organize 365

  The older my kids get, the MORE I am in the car! Keeping my car stocked and organized is a must! Here are my best car organization ideas. I had a great idea a few years ago when I started viewing my trunk as a my car closet. I keep it organized and change […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 30 – Auto Travel Organization

Travel Organization | Organize 365

Auto Travel Organization Every summer, we are blessed to be able to go to Florida for a week! Hubby’s family lives there year round, so we go visit at least once a year. And since Abby was born, we have driven to Florida 14 times! Last summer, I showed you how I scrapbook in the car. Hey! […]

Pack Your Pikle

Pack Your Pikle | Organize 365

I am SUPER excited to share with you a new direct sales company called in a Pikle. Liz Lee found me through my Organizing the Business of Direct Sales book, and the next thing I knew, I fell in love with this little Pikle! The Pikle is an organizer of all that little stuff you […]

Organizing my new Jewell Handbag

Do you struggle with purse organization? I am so excited to share how I am organizing my new Jewell handbag for both business and pleasure.

  UPDATE: This bag is no longer available. Here is a post with some of the handbags that are currently available from Jewell by Thirty One. I am a creature of habit. It takes a LOT for me to change handbags. I have only had 3 in the last 10 years! But when I saw […]

Weekly Golf Night Preparation

Weekly Golf Night Preparation | Organize 365

This week, I shared how hubby let me help him organize his side of our master closet. I thought I would also brag on his own organizational skills. One morning as Greg was off to work, I asked to see how he was carrying his golf clothes. He was ready to leave work and go […]

My Car To-Do List

My Car To-Do List | Organize 365

We are looking at high schools for our son. Either choice is 22 miles from home. That’s 44 miles round trip twice a day. 88 miles x 200 school days = 18,000 miles. GULP And guess how much time? 2-3 hours A DAY. 10-15 hours a week. Oi vey! Guess what gas mileage my 2005 […]

Where do you keep your purse in your car?

car cache

I am SO excited to share this brand new product with you!! I met the inventor, Catherine, a few weeks ago, and we have become fast friends. The whole invention to market process is so alluring to me. I love to watch Shark Tank and see how people go from a problem to a solution […]

Using Your Car As A Portable Office

Using Your Car As A Portable Office | Organize 365

Second only to paper organization, my most requested speaking topic is how to organize your car. When I first started talking about car organization, I stuck with the obvious basics: Use the door wells. Stock bags with medicine and gum. Keep batteries and chargers with you always! Pack snacks to avoid fast food. I stuck […]