Preparing For High School Carpool

Preparing For High School Carpool | Organize 365

My car is a traveling dump. Can you relate? I just don't have the energy to constantly fight the messy one to keep the car tidy. Additionally, I don't vacuum as much as I once did. I haven't vacuumed out the car in 3 months. YUCK! Our car is 10 years old and has 164,000 miles. I plan on driving it another 3 years. And even though my kids are 15 and 16, NO ONE sits in the front … [Read more...]

Helping You Add Minutes To Your Day: Part 7 – Have An Errand Day

I use errand days to streamline my days.

  Tip number 7: Have an Errand Day. I know I have blogged about having an errand day before. However, it is seriously one of the best time maximizing strategies I use. So, here are some new photos and thoughts on designating an errand day. First, I make a master list of all the places I need to go and what I need to get or take when I am there. All of this goes in a clear … [Read more...]

Helping You Add Minutes To Your Day: Part 3 – A Handy Spare Key

A spare key can help you add minutes to your day.

  Tip number 3: Have a spare key handy.   Yesterday, I shared how I fit tons-o-stuff in my cute little wrist-let wallet. And there's one more thing... A spare car key in the change pocket. I have locked my keys in my car more often than I care to admit. Let's just say my hubby has a LOT of patience with me. :) So, instead of having an extra key in my purse, I put … [Read more...]

Using Your Car As A Portable Office

Using Your Car As A Portable Office | Organize 365

Second only to paper organization, my most requested speaking topic is how to organize your car. When I first started talking about car organization, I stuck with the obvious basics: Use the door wells. Stock bags with medicine and gum. Keep batteries and chargers with you always! Pack snacks to avoid fast food. I stuck my neck out there and started communicating … [Read more...]

Pinterest Weekly Round Up – Car Organization

Handy Pop-Up Trunk Shelf

There is nothing like drooling over beautifully organized spaces. A crisp fresh new organizing magazine, a cup of hot steamy coffee and a quiet morning curled up on the couch equals heaven! However, I have come to terms with the fact that I am a functional organizer. My home is organized, homey and lived in. I have stopped striving for perfection and am content with “picked up.” But there is … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 32 – Car Organization

Car Organization - Week 32 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

  The older my kids get, the MORE I am in the car! Keeping my car stocked and organized is a must! Here are my best car organization ideas. I had a great idea a few years ago when I started viewing my trunk as a my car closet. I keep it organized and change it out seasonally just like I change out my master closet and front hall closet. This week, I want you to take a look at … [Read more...]

Helping You Add Minutes To Your Day: Part 2 – Maximize Your Wallet

Add minutes to your day by using a wristlet wallet.

Tip number 2: Maximize your wallet!   I am constantly purging and honing what I carry with me in my wallet. A few years ago, I started grabbing my wallet out of my purse and carrying just that into stores. A few years ago, I transitioned from a traditional wallet to this cute wrist-let. So let's see what I have in here. Gum. I love gum and I like to have it with me... and … [Read more...]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 30 – Auto Travel Organization

Travel Organization - Week 30 - 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge

Auto Travel Organization Every summer, we are blessed to be able to go to Florida for a week! Hubby's family lives there year round, so we go visit at least once a year. And since Abby was born, we have driven to Florida 14 times! Last summer, I showed you how I scrapbook in the car. Hey! It's 14 hours EACH way. Do you know how much I can DO in that amount of time? Over the years, I … [Read more...]

Google Calendar – a Reality Check

Google Calendar: A Reality Check | Organize 365

How are you doing with the 40 Weeks 1 Whole House challenge? Are you ready for week 2? I am getting such GREAT feedback! I just have to share this email from a friend after she bit the bullet and started to use an online Google calendar. Oh, but that I could have met you years ago.  Perhaps I wasn't ready. I have long made lists that look like this: kitchen box sorting 30 … [Read more...]

Where do you keep your purse in your car?

car cache

I am SO excited to share this brand new product with you!! I met the inventor, Catherine, a few weeks ago, and we have become fast friends. The whole invention to market process is so alluring to me. I love to watch Shark Tank and see how people go from a problem to a solution with a product. Here's the problem: where do you keep your purse in your car? For me, this isn't a problem … [Read more...]

July Organizing Bug Round Up!

Organizing Bug | Organize365

I'm going to start something new monthly now.  At the beginning of the month I will post an Organizing Bug Round Up full of all kinds of great ideas to help you get organized that my readers have shared with me.  I'm also going to start posting them on Instagram, so make sure you go over and follow me!  Here's July's Organizing Bug Round Up - Enjoy! Kelli has a great solution for sending … [Read more...]

Car Organization: Your Home Away from Home

organize 365 car organization

I drive A LOT. I always knew that, but last week I started to add it up. Yep, on average 3-4 HOURS a day LOST in the car. At this rate, I will have driven 30,000 miles this year. So it makes sense that I have my car outfitted like a second home: Here is MY car on Living Dayton: Thank you Performance Honda for the picture perfect van to "model" these car organization … [Read more...]

Organizing Bug: Customer’s Charging Station

jen chg station 3

I have met SO many awesome new friends through organizing. I love to encourage others. The best is when I see that sparkling organizational bug start glimmering in their eyes... then I know... they'll never be the same. They've been bitten by the organizing bug! Jen has it bad! She created the most functional and space efficient charger station for her family. I had seen this … [Read more...]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House Day 23 – Mom’s Car

c packet

My car is a mess. I live in my car. With all the decluttering I've been doing, the amount of returns, things to I need buy and things I need to deliver have grown exponentially. When my to-do list, or I should say my "things that need to go places list" gets this big, I set aside an errand day. My list was so big this week with doctor's appointments and errands that I have spent the last … [Read more...]

A Home Office in a Pretty Tote

paper organization tote

  Everyone’s kitchen counter looks a little different, but for most of us, you can be assured, there are paper piles. The paper piles seem to reach a crescendo as all our children outgrow those cozy footy pajamas and trade them in for soccer cleats and ballet shoes. One of Mama’s biggest jobs is to master the art of… coordinating family schedules, filing out school & medical forms, paying the … [Read more...]