How To Listen To a Podcast

How To Listen To Podcasts

I remember the day I figured out how to listen to a podcast. It was shortly after I bought my iPhone. I LOVE audio trainings, books and speakers. I am a sponge for learning! After trying a few entrepreneurial podcasts I stumbled across Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. I was hooked. I did […]

IDLE 6: Stuffed Animals

IDLE 6: Stuffed Animals | Organize 365

This week on the IDLE podcast, I’m talking about stuffed animals. So, let’s walk through the IDLE process and investigate how to create your mindset for how you deal with stuffed animals. Step 1: Identify First, we need to identify what item of clutter we want to change your mindset for. This week, we are […]

40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 33 – Creating a Family Drop Zone

drop zone

Creating this drop zone 2 years ago is by FAR my FAVORITE DIY project. Take a look at all the hallways in your home and see if you too can create a usable space from a former hallway!  My back hallway has never been my favorite area in my house. I have always longed for […]