The Organize 365 APP Is Here!

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The Organize 365 APP is LIVE! Download from iTunes Download from Android I'm SO excited to tell you all about it. The pictures in this post match my description in the podcast. So you might want to listen as you scroll down. :) First of all, this APP is NOT a substitute for the Organize 365 blog. This organization app is designed to help you organize your entire home in 40 weeks using … [Read more...]

The 40 Week School Year Organization Challenge

40 Weeks - Whole House: Week 2 - Planners & Calendars | Organize 365

This is YOUR year. You CAN get your WHOLE house ORGANIZED! Welcome to the 40 Weeks 1 Whole House Challenge! Every August when the kids go back to school, I start a 40 week home organization challenge. Organizing your home is a skill that can be learned! Together we can all get our homes organized. You have likely found this page after the challenge has started. That is OK! Just jump in … [Read more...]

The ONE Clip

One Clip

Today, I'm tackling the deluge of school papers. What do you do with all those notes, reminders, and "special" event papers for the school year? Listen to the podcast here: I make "ONE Clip." I use ONE magnetic ONE Clip for each of my kid's school papers for my daily paper organization system. After I purged all extraneous papers from the backpacks, I was left with these events … [Read more...]

How To Listen To A Podcast

How To Listen To Podcasts

I remember the day I figured out how to listen to a podcast. It was shortly after I had bought my iPhone. I LOVE audio trainings, books, and speakers. I am a sponge for learning! After trying a few entrepreneurial podcasts, I stumbled across Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. I was hooked. I did as I usually do and scrolled back to his very first podcast and listened to them all. Now, … [Read more...]

Start Here

Start Here! | Organize 365

This site is ALL about organizing your home.  As a professional organizer, I know how desperately you want to wave a magic wand and instantly have your home perfectly organized. I know, for myself, getting my home organized was a process. And I'm a professional organizer! There is no way around it. This process will take time. But YOU CAN DO IT! And I will make it easier and more … [Read more...]

Preparing For High School Carpool

Preparing For High School Carpool | Organize 365

My car is a traveling dump. Can you relate? I just don't have the energy to constantly fight the messy one to keep the car tidy. Additionally, I don't vacuum as much as I once did. I haven't vacuumed out the car in 3 months. YUCK! Our car is 10 years old and has 164,000 miles. I plan on driving it another 3 years. And even though my kids are 15 and 16, NO ONE sits in the front … [Read more...]

Turning Clutter Into Cash


How To Turn Your Clutter Into Cash Many people have trouble decluttering because they see their clutter as piles of cash that they have spent.  I know that I am less of an impulse shopper now that I have given away items that I had to have but then never used. Decluttering is humbling. You realize you have more than you need and often wish you could have a "do over" and get that money … [Read more...]

How To Dispose Of Medicine

How To Dispose Of Medicine | Organize 365

Medicine disposal, particularly what to do with unused or expired prescriptions, is quite a conundrum. I thought it was as easy as going to your local police station or pharmacy and dropping off these unneeded items, but I was wrong. This medicine has been in my house since last spring when I told a client I would drop it off for her. It is just expired Tylenol, but there is a LOT of … [Read more...]

Girl’s Bedroom Vanity

Girl's Bedroom Vanity | Organize 365

I've shared with you before how I completely redecorated our kids' bathroom. Today, I am going to share how and why I made Abby a bedroom vanity. The biggest thing I have learned about organizing is that if you don't really think and plan HOW you are going to use the space, it doesn't matter how great it looks when you are done organizing... it is going to become a mess again. SO I really … [Read more...]

Organizing Kid’s Toys In Bedrooms

org kids toys

This is the 4th in a 5-part series for girls 7-17. Each post in this series will also have a podcast. You can listen to the podcast right here in this post or download it to your phone or iTouch. In the podcast, I can share SO much more with you than what you read here. Click here to see ALL the Kid's Bedroom Organization Posts. This week is all about your toys, hobbies and … [Read more...]

How To Declutter Stuffed Animals & Toys

90 Bags in 9 Weeks: Week 1- Stuffed Animals & Toys | Organize 365

Week 1 - How To Declutter Stuffed Animals Shoot. I forgot to make sure you were near someone with a defibrillator before I sprung that one on you! I'm telling you... Stuffed animals are NOT easy for some people to declutter. My daughter only has one left, but my son won't let any go. That's ok. Stuffed animals are like pictures. You remember who gave them to you, when, why, how you felt, … [Read more...]

IDLE 6: Stuffed Animals

IDLE 6: Stuffed Animals | Organize 365

This week on the IDLE podcast, I'm talking about stuffed animals. So, let's walk through the IDLE process and investigate how to create your mindset for how you deal with stuffed animals. Step 1: Identify First, we need to identify what item of clutter we want to change your mindset for. This week, we are talking about stuffed animals. Step 2: Decide Next, we need to actually make the … [Read more...]

How To Decorate Teenage Bedrooms

How to Decorate Teenage Bedrooms | Organize 365

Last summer, I wanted to know how to decorate teenage bedrooms since both of mine were now teens. I LOVE to redecorate my kid's rooms. As a child, I would CONSTANTLY reorganize the furniture in my room. My mom re-wallpapered my room a few different times and I LOVED it! When we moved into our home 19 years ago, I set out to organize and decorate each space. And a few, like the kitchen, have … [Read more...]

Bedroom Study & Work Space For Kids

kids bedroom study space

This is the third in a 5-part series for girls 7-17. Each post in this series will also have a podcast. You can listen to the podcast right here in this post or download it to your phone or iTouch. In the podcast, I can share SO much more with you than what you read here so you will definitely want to listen. Click here to see ALL the Kid's Bedroom Organization Posts. Week … [Read more...]

Hazardous Waste Disposal

hazardous waste disposal

There is no way around it. Getting organized and maintaining that order is WORK. More work than I care to admit. Sure, I save tons of time by being organized, but I resent having to spend any of that time maintaining the order. It’s like I want the order to magically sustain itself. Once you get going in this “getting organized” groove, you will come across some organizational roadblocks … [Read more...]

Creative Craft Storage

Creative Craft Storage | Organize 365

Today, I'm sharing how we organized the kids' art supplies when they were little. I love to scrapbook on my bed at night, and the kids like to do arts and crafts on the kitchen table. However, piles of craft supplies strewn about the house are not a welcoming sight! To solve this messy dilemma, I searched for furniture for my bedroom and kitchen that would house our family's … [Read more...]

Display Solutions For Kids’ Artwork

raquel art 2

School has just let out {or is about to} for many this week. As I was beginning to organize my kids' papers and pictures for this past school year, I found some old pictures of how we used to display their artwork. Kids love to create, but what do you do with all the creations? Our family solution is bulletin boards. I bought two large bulletin boards, one for each of my children. I painted … [Read more...]

Clothing Organization For Kids

clothing org for kids

This is the second in a 5-part series for girls 7-17. Learning the skills of organizing your bedroom is so much more important than just making your mom happy. I want you to think of your bedroom like it is your apartment. It is your very own space inside your parent's home. You don't need to worry about paying rent or utilities, but it is yours to take care of and organize. Each post … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Organize A Girl’s Bedroom

5 Easy Ways to Organize a Girls Bedroom

Sugar and Spice, and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Yes. And makeup, and jewelry, and art projects, and books, and clothes, and… Does walking into your daughter’s room make you want to walk back out again? It probably does to her, too. I have had some of the best conversations spending the day with my kids organizing their bedrooms. I view my kids’ rooms as their … [Read more...]

How To Recycle Old TVs, Computers & Appliances

Where do I get rid of old TVs?

How To Recycle Old TVs, Computers & Appliances Donation is definitely on the top of my list for all of these electronics. We have been very lucky to find people who want our old television sets. But what do you do when no one wants your “stuff?" And how do you get some of these BIG bulky items out of here? Junk King Junk King is a great resource to pay to come and take all of … [Read more...]