Organizing Your Family’s Genealogy – Part 3

Over 100 resources covering the variety of digital topics needed for successfully Organizing Your Family's Genealogy. | Organize 365

Ready to go deeper?  We’ve enjoyed two sessions already with genealogy expert Barry Ewell, but he’s not done teaching us yet! The first session taught us WHERE to look for information and from whom to seek those stories that fill in the gaps of our family histories. The second session listed so many different sources […]

How To Decide What School Papers To Keep

MANY mothers I asked have saved EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE of paper their child has brought home from school. Here's how to decide what to keep. | Organize 365

I have so much fun taking kids’ school work and putting it into binders. Last month, I had the pleasure of taking over 100 bins of memorabilia and putting them into binders. Every. Single. Spelling test. Phonics paper. Math worksheet and Newsletter had been saved. I was surprised, but then I started asking around. And […]

Box Tops Are Just The Beginning

I have found that I tend to collect duplicates of items, and now I’m starting to try to find duplicates of the people I can help. | Organize 365

I love Facebook; through it, I keep up with my family and friends.  But Facebook has become something much more to me than just a place to see pictures.  It is now a place to help people. Check out this story from my editor, Janet. I belong to a wonderful Facebook group in my community, one […]