40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 33 – Creating a Family Drop Zone

drop zone

Creating this drop zone 2 years ago is by FAR my FAVORITE DIY project. Take a look at all the hallways in your home and see if you too can create a usable space from a former hallway!  My back hallway has never been my favorite area in my house. I have always longed for […]


Organizing Maintenance | Organize 365

Hubby and I are still not used to walking through this organized home. Everything seems calmer and easier now. I bet that’s what it’s like if you lose a lot of weight. You are still in awe that you DID it and nervous you will gain it back. Both of us are working harder at […]

40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Day 30 & 31 Main Floor and Basement Baths


These bathrooms just needed a good cleaning and straightening. I like how I have been able to incorporate my husband’s sports in these baths. The main floor bath is a tribute to hubby’s love of fishing and Florida. These fish on the wall were made by his grandfather. He would freeze the fish and push […]