Are You Ready for a Snow Day?

Fun ideas for snow day preparation.

If you are in Cincinnati, you may not be thinking about snow with the very mild December we just had.   Don't get caught off guard this winter when the temperatures drop and the schools close. Let's get organized now to deal with a last minute school closing later. #1 Prepare for a real emergency. I grew up in the Akron-Cleveland area. The only way we got a snow day was for the … [Read more...]

Preparing for Sub Zero Temperatures

preparing for sub zero temperatures

I had a reader send me an email today... Since you grew up with more cold than I can imagine, I would be calm and a very happy and loyal reader if you offered me something more than just organizing today--some reassurance that there are organized ways to approach this cold...and time spent this afternoon getting ready would reap huge benefits tomorrow.  :)  A post that links to advice about … [Read more...]