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I talk a LOT about organizing paper and organizing your time. Both seem to be areas in my life that need CONSTANT monitoring, decluttering and refinement.

Over the past 3 years, I have been working like CRAZY to find a system that works for me – consistently in all my roles as mother, business owner, housekeeper and calendar keeper.

I have tried all the elaborate printable checklists, electronic and paper calendars and made tons of cute binders. But once the “project” of making the system was done, I didn’t keep using it.


About 6 months ago, I hit on a MAJOR piece of the puzzle – COLOR. I have always used color to chunk information and help me memorize and remember facts. In college, I wrote all my notes with colored pens.

As a teacher, I helped a student go from failing spelling to getting all A’s by having him write each syllable of his words in different colors.

I often assign colors to kids in a group, tasks on a list or zones in a house.

So, I started making everything rainbow and pretty. And that was nice, but it took TOO much time, and ultimately looked better than it functioned. I found myself making checklists for tasks I didn’t even do just because they were cute or part of the system I bought.

Color Foding To Do Lists | Organize 365

I resolved that if I could figure this out, it would help HUNDREDS of women. Here’s what I knew:

  • Women have SO many roles to play: mother, employee, housekeeper, bill payer, calendar manager, shopper, vacation planner, etc.
  • The checklists and systems on the market were task specific and didn’t allow for MY needs. They were either too long or too short.
  • The systems I found were housekeeping and financial task “heavy” and work from home “light.”
  • The work from home planners I found had SO many sheets to fill out – when would I work?
  • I am an IDEA girl – all the systems I found were task driven and left little room for brainstorming ideas.
  • Most systems were home OR family; I wanted something that would work for both.
  • The fun colored planners I found had ALL the colors on ALL the pages – so one color couldn’t be assigned to one task.

Using Post It Tabs To Organize Your Lists | Organize 365

Here’s what was working for me already:

  • I had assigned colors for my businesses: orange was blogging, pink was direct sales, yellow was professional organizing and blue was podcasting and projects.
  • My planner dividers were color coded, but I wasn’t carrying a planner anymore so I needed that system on my computer – but how?
  • I use colored legal pads to brainstorm ideas – then I can file all the yellow in organizing and pink in direct sales – but again, that wasn’t digital.
  • I realized I didn’t need preprinted checklists as much as I needed a way to brainstorm by color and then transfer that to a list.

to do chart 1

What I REALLY wanted was a daily and weekly TO DO list that was color coded. That way, if I was working on the blog, I would look at the orange list. Or, if I wanted to follow up with my professional organization leads, I would go through my contacts on my yellow pages.

So, I decided to CREATE it! Yep – welcome to Organize 365 in COLOR

color coded to do lists

Once I knew that color was the key… and what I want wasn’t out there, I went about figuring out what would meet MY needs, YOUR needs and my professional organization clients’ needs.

I realized I had done this before. When I sold scrapbooking supplies, I would organize each of my client’s paper, stickers and even their carrying bag in EXACTLY the same order. SO, when someone need to know where their birthday stickers were, I could tell them, because everyone’s were in the same place.

And that’s what was missing here. Every time I wanted to tell you about my bill paying system – I tried to accommodate all the options out there. Then I realized… if YOUR system isn’t working, you were open to a new one!

So that’s what this is… a NEW system. All of my blog posts from here forward will follow this new color coding system.

As I always tell my clients… if you have a system that is working, don’t change it for mine!

BUT, if you are looking for a system that will work alongside everything else you are doing… this is it!

Chunking our tasks, to dos, calendar, computer screen, binders, to do piles, medicine containers, bills, files and notepads by color is going to be revolutionary!

Lisa's Printables | Organize 365

Tomorrow, I will show you how I am currently using my printables.

Let me show you how this is sold. 

The system is comprised of solid color sheets:

Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365

And Rainbow sheets:

Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365

Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365

The BEST deal is the COMPLETE kit. 

The complete kit will be delivered in 5 downloadable packages.

Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365 Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365 Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365 Color Coded To Do Lists | Organize 365

You can see and purchase just a few sheets or the whole package on Organize 365 Etsy Shop.

PS – Are you looking to get ALL your papers organized? This book is also part of my larger physical paper organization package:
Get ALL Your Papers Organized in ONE Weekend.


  1. Brianna says

    oh gurl!! if you had any spare time (yeah, i know – what’s THAT!!?) you would LOVE the website

    it is the most amazing play ground for colours and patterns (i’m PEACHBELLE over there btw)

    check it out sometime, you will LOVE it! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Beach says

    How do the colors work? Is everything related to desk organization one color and everything related to meal planning another color? Thank you.

    • says

      Elizabeth you chose what you want the colors to be for. I use green for financial, Blue for family, orange for insurance and house, yellow for work and school transcripts, red for important papers.

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