Dear Blackberry, It’s not you, it’s me.

The time has come for my to break up with my Blackberry.

Dear Blackberry,

It’s not you, it’s me.

You have no idea how hard it is to write this letter. We have been together for so long. I remember when I saved up for my first Blackberry Curve.

I was late to the smartphone party then, but you didn’t mind.

I love your push email notifications, your beautiful qwerty keys and tracking ball.

I will miss that so much.

The time has come for my to break up with my Blackberry.

Do you remember when all the bloggers at the meeting had their iPhones and Droids with apps and I stuck up for you and your beautiful keys?

Remember the game we played where I tried to search for an app and you gave me webpages instead. That was fun.

Oh, and when Carol and I would drive to organizing jobs together, and she would have service and directions and you wouldn’t?

You see, I have to move on. I am just losing too much productive time waiting to get back to my computer to do things.

I will always remember you and my first smartphone experience. I just need more than you can give.

Good bye sweet friend,



  1. Jenni says

    I loved my Blackberry, but had to give it up last fall. I only require calls, text and email from my phone and Blackberry was the best!

    • says


      I agree. I LOVE my Blackberry still, but as a blogger and professional organizer I needed my phone to be able to do more online when I was away from home.


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