I was so excited when I shared with you about all the ideas I had for Merry, our elf. The day after Thanksgiving, I brought Merry out and read Abby the book, The Elf on the Shelf. She proceeded to FREAK out!

So much for daily Merry visitings for my kiddos. I decided to save the time and energy and “shelve” Merry. All the little treats I bought are now tucked away to fill stockings.

But Merry has been busy getting into all my organization stuff and playing. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen Merry’s elfcapades.

You can view them all here.

It has been super fun coming up with fun ways for Merry to highlight organization in a fun way online. This whole idea came about when I was brainstorming ways for women in direct sales to get their product out on Pinterest in a fun new way.

Check out some of their pins on this collaborative Pinterest board.

Elf On The Shelf For Direct Sales! | Organize 365

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