Happy Organizing ~ I mean Boxing Day!

Happy Organizing... I mean, Boxing Day! | Organize365

Did you know there is an organization holiday?! Well, maybe it’s not an organization holiday, but it sure is a purging one!!

I always thought Boxing Day was well, about the sport boxing. And I have zero interest in any sports except personally snow skiing – I LOVE that! And watching a few Olympic events like gymnastics and ice skating.

That’s my sum total of sports knowledge and interest. So I never even ventured to find out more about Boxing Day until last year…

Happy Organizing... I mean, Boxing Day! | Organize365

I love Facebook! My friend was posting about Boxing Day and the origins of the event. And low and behold it has nothing to do with the sport boxing.

It’s about boxes!!!!

Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas, when (those who had servants) would box up the items they no  longer needed and give them away.

Americans NEED Boxing Day!

My heart’s desire in my professional organization business is to help overwhelmed women organize their busy lives. Part of why we are so overwhelmed is due to the amount of “stuff” we keep around.

So in honor of Boxing Day… Fill those empty gift boxes with donations and donate them!

The quality of the audio is terrible on this TV clip, but check out how excited I get about BOXING day!!


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