Helping You Add Minutes to Your Day ~ Part 8: Use Up Gift Cards

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Tip number 8: Use up your Gift Cards!

Christmas is right around the corner… so your money may be running low…

Helping You Add Minutes To Your Day - Part 8: Use Up Gift Cards | Organize365


Go through all your old gift cards and figure out what you have on each one. Then, use them to have some family fun without adding to the debt!


Here is the rest of the Helping You Add Minutes To Your Day Series!
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Tip #8: Use up your gift cards. {You’re here!}


  1. Heather says

    I just went through my wallet, pulled all my gift cards, went on the web, checked the balances, and then gulped when I discovered I have nearly $250 sitting there! Time to plan some outings!

  2. Connie says

    Wow! I love organizing as well and I think your tips are fantastic! It would be great if you could continue on and make your list bigger if possible.

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