If you give a Mom a day at home…

If You Give A Mom A Day At Home... | Organize 365

If you give a mom a day at home…


If you give a mom a day at home she’ll make a HUGE list of a million things she’ll want to get accomplished.


Before the kids head off to school, she’ll throw a load of laundry in the machine to get a head start.


The laundry will remind her that she needs to check her kids’ floors for clothes.


Once upstairs, she will remember she has a basket of things to be put away downstairs.


While putting the basket of things away downstairs she will see that the laundry is almost done and go back upstairs to collect those clothes.


Once upstairs, she will remember that the toilets are almost to science experiment stage and she will quickly wash them.


Since she’s home all day anyway… she’ll decide to wash the bathroom rugs as well and DOES remember the kids’ clothes on the bedroom floor.


On her way downstairs, she’ll add her planner and a few dirty dishes to the pile to take downstairs.


In the laundry room, she’ll switch the laundry and set her planner on the counter reminding herself that she did that.


Next, she’ll carry the dishes to the kitchen.


Being in the kitchen, she will reward herself with a quick swig of Coke and light a few smelly candles to celebrate the day at home.


Lighting the candles will remind her that the downstairs bathroom is also science experiment worthy.


While cleaning and sneezing, she will make a mental note to take her allergy medicine.


Once the bathroom trash is emptied, she will glance over her to-do list and see what needs to be done. Another sneeze reminds her to go upstairs to get that allergy medicine.


Once upstairs, she will see her business catalog and remember she wanted to laminate the new sample pages for her purse and take that downstairs.


Once downstairs, she will be ready to check her email and get working.


On email number 3 she will need her planner.


Her planner, Hmmm.


She will make do by writing notes on paper.




She will remember that this is a new year. She decides to stop and get what she needs to work so she will not be chasing little papers all fall. Where is that planner?


She will check the kitchen and grab another swig of Coke.


She will mentally run through her morning in the car. No, she cleaned out the car while waiting for the bus. It’s not there.


She will go check her bedroom office and remember to grab that allergy pill! Nope.


On the way down the stairs, it will hit her THE LAUNDRY!


And back to the computer she’ll go.


How’d you spend your first day with the kids in school?



  1. Maria Donatelli Peterson says

    I love this! This is my life. The only difference is being a teacher I am back at school with my kids.

    • lisa says

      Maria – the same day happened all summer too, except it took me ALL DAY to get done what I did in one hour. And there was no way I had the time to BLOG! LOL!

  2. says

    Kelly don’t forget the crazy pets who miss their kids when they go back to school and drive mom crazy. Mine dont go back until monday have a good one and drink lots of coffee. I found you on tuesday Nifty Thrifty hop.

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