Organize 365 Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge – WEEK 5 the Drop Zone

spring cleaning and organization

 Organize 365 Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge - WEEK 5 the Drop Zone | Organize 365

DO you have DROP zones?

Adult Drop Zones

Be honest. Do you try to get EVERYTHING from your car into the house in ONE trip?

How does that go for you? For me, it looks like this:










I can do it in one, sometimes 2 trips, but I need a “drop zone,” somewhere for my purchases, mail and trash to DROP when I come in the door.

When I designed our kitchen renovation, I took out a traditional pantry and planning desk in our kitchen to create this 9 foot long adult drop zone.









This left the nice big island for cooking, homework and crafting.









Kid Drop Zones

What about your kiddos? They drop things anywhere, or nowhere and leave them in the car, right?!












Last April, I made transformed our back hallway into a great drop zone for my kiddos.

See more on Living Dayton…



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