Organizing with my Friends

If you are catching some mommy alone time with your computer…check out some of the awesome organization posts my organizing blogger friends have written!

Kristin from Organizing Life with Less shares 8 reasons why bigger is not always better.

Home living

Susan from Achieving Creative Order completely redid her food pantry

organized pantry

Leslie from Goodbye House, Hello Home created a heavenly food pantry too!


Hilda from Overwhelmed to Organized shares tips to help you keep papers and schedules organized with a Family Command Center.

Kitchen Command Centre

Is your office full of clutter and you have no idea how to organize it? Or maybe you are a project lifer and are accumulating supplies faster than you can organize them? See how Toni from a Bowl Full of Lemons organized her home office & integrated her love for project life within the space.


Clean Mama has a simplified filing station for the new year and a free printable.Want to tackle paper clutter in the new year? Start with a filing cabinet and system that works for your life. See how she went from file box to grown-up file cabinet!


Organize and Decorate Everything knows that kids’ rooms can be a challenge to organize and keep organized. Here are many ideas on how to organize kids’ rooms so they can find what they want and easily keep it cleaned up.


Mary Organizes shows how to organize some of the things families store in their garage. Real solutions for real families!


Are you looking for a frugal way to organize your pots and pans? As part of her kitchen organization, Ginny from Organizing Homelife shows how she used an inexpensive product to organize her pots and pans easily.


My favorite post this month was about how I completed 21 scrapbooks in 15 weeks!

I completed 21 scrapbooks in 15 weeks!

Not enough eye candy!? Check out more amazing posts from these organizational bloggers over on the Everything Organized Pinterest board.

everything organized

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