Organizing Military Matters

Organzing Military Matters: How to Organize Military Gear and Paperwork by Kaui Eiklor book Review | Organize 365

Organizing Military Mommy and I met through blogging a year ago when she found my eBook 10 Steps to Organized Paper. Our friendship and business partnerships have grown ever since.

I am SUPER excited to announce the release of Organizing Military Mommy’s first eBook Organizing Military Matters.

Organzing Military Matters: How to Organize Military Gear and Paperwork by Kaui Eiklor book Review | Organize 365

As you can see by the table of contents Organizing Military Mommy really does walk you through organizing ALL military matters from the boots on the ground to the mountains of government paperwork!

Military Gear

I was amazed at how much physical military gear soldiers have at their residence. I really like how Organizing Military Mommy was able to make a usable system in their hall closet!

organizing military matters

Military Paperwork

As a professional organizer near the Dayton Airforce Base, I have helped military families organize their paperwork. In Organizing Military Matters, Kaui has each soldier create a separate binder per year and keep that binder for at least 10 years. I think that is a great way to organize work related paper.

Organizing Military Mommy also walks you through making a medical binder. I have found this to be invaluable with my kids medical needs! Being able to find a document when you need it can save time, money and heartache!

PCS or Moving Binder

I personally hope to never move, but in the military life it’s pretty much a guarantee. So, making a binder is a brilliant idea!

Kitchen Paper Organization

If you are a reader here on Organize 365, then you know this is my passion! Get yourself a kitchen filing tote!

I have many family members who have served in the military. To all of them and all of the families of soldiers, thank you so much for this great sacrifice you have made for our family’s freedom. We are eternally grateful!

You can get a FREE copy of Organizing Military Matters today by visiting Organizing Military Mommy.



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