Paperless Home Organization Book Review

Paperless Home Organization Book Review | Organize 365

Many of the eBooks in the All Organized eBook Bundle are eBooks I already own and LOVE, which is why I created the bundle! However, I had not read or heard of Mystie’s Paperless Home Organization Book. It was the first one I went to read since one of my goals this year is to embrace technology.

I have read a LOT of organization books, but Mystie’s organization analogy was so spot on and new to me…

Organization is more like laundry and dishes than like a craft project: It is never
complete. It is like swimming. You are either treading water or slowly sinking; progress
is getting yourself back to the surface before you drown, not arriving at a destination.
However, treading water at least becomes easier the longer you do it. At first it takes
concentration and focus and energy simply to stay afloat, but eventually you get into
better shape and can breathe evenly again. However, you never get so good at it that
you can stop. Stop, and gravity and entropy will immediately begin pulling you down
So jump in, ready to get fit and stay fit, knowing you can make it to the surface now
and repeatedly. Sinking isn’t failing; it’s part of life’s reality. Drowning times will always
come, but so will the time to overcome.

I couldn’t wait to read more.

Would you believe that I have never used Evernote? I have such a hard time changing my hands-on visual mind into a virtual information storing process. So, the idea of even reading this book was stressful for me.

I was relieved to know that Mystie only uses 3 apps to organize EVERYTHING! One was Google {calendars and mail}. Great! I already have one out of three done!

Many people have tried to get me to use Evernote, but it was the way Mystie worded it that got me excited…

If you are accustomed to organizing your papers in binders or files, then making the
switch to Evernote with stacks and notebooks will be intuitive. In Evernote, a note
refers to the document that you type into (or scan to or snap a picture into or record a
voice message into), a notebook is a collection of notes filed together, and a stack is a
collection of notebooks stored together. So, in paper terms, you can think of it this

Stack = Binder
Notebook = Tabbed Sections
Note = Sheet of Paper

BINGO!! That makes sense to me.

Paperless Home Organization Book Review | Organize 365

On my project list was to make a home organization binder and show you all how to do the same, but I like Mystie’s way better!

Paperless Home Organization Book Review | Organize 365

These school binders will stay as binders.

Paperless Home Organization Book Review | Organize 365

My older binders that I just use for reference at home will stay in binders, too.

Paperless Home Organization Book Review | Organize 365

But these work binders I use all the time, GULP, I need to figure out an online way to store and access this information.

Now, when I am reading a book that totally changes my paradigm, I have to read the whole book in its entirety and then go back and reread it for implementation. Mystie has given me the confidence to “go paperless,” but it will still be a HUGE process for me; I mean, did you SEE how many notebooks I have?!

So this one is going on the summer list. :)

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What about you? Are you paperless?


  1. says

    I have binders! I’ve binders holding sheets from years as a preschool teacher and now years as a homeschool teacher. My Montessori binders…I can’t let go of them because of the work that went into actually making them but honestly…they’re not doing anything just sitting there. I know the info and they just need to be added to kindle so I can get rid of those heavy 4 inch thick binders and just witness.

    And, my preschool binders…broken down into themes and even ages….my youngest is 6 years old! She’s NOT using them and they’ve been there since before my 15 year old son was born!! I bet most of the information is on line! I’m going to have to read Mystie’s ebook because I keep thinking between this review and your coffee cup post I should get rid of all those binders!

    Thanks Lisa! This will help me organize my learning room even more AND make our move next year even easier as I won’t have to pack stuff up AND things will be more presentable when we’re selling it!

    OOO! I bet using Evernote would mean I could get rid of the binder I have over our warranties and operator manuals too!


  2. says

    I’m reading this book right now and I love that treading water analogy too! I’ve used Evernote for a couple of years, but it kind of became a dumping ground of information so I need to organize it and utilize this tool better. I’m moving towards paperless in our home too and I know this book is going to help me get there.

  3. says

    Haha! I love binders…. I like technology too, but for a 20 something I am pretty old fashioned. I just went through a bunch of magazines, tore out only what I liked, or new I could use and tossed the rest, and yes, what I tore out ended up in binders!
    Like you, I have heard of evernote, but I’m not conviced to switch just yet :)

  4. Gina says

    I have read this book so many times – I absolutely LOVE it! It’s the perfect book for paperless organization. She offers step by step instructions on how to set up everything you will need and shows you how to sync all of your devices. I would be so lost without this “manual”. Thank you Mystie for writing this book, it is amazing!

  5. says

    Like you I am a huge fan of google calendar and mail, so I need to take some more steps obviously! I will need to read this and follow her suggestions. I love that analogy of treading water…so true!


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