A Professional Organizer’s Thoughts on Easter Baskets

A Professional Organizer's Thoughts on Easter Baskets | Organize 365

I LOVE holidays and decorations. When my babies were little, I had a major crush on Longaberger baskets.

I invested in this beautiful basket and have used it as a decoration for 14 years. I prefer the crinkled paper grass over the clingy plastic grass.

How a professional organizer, organizes Easter Baskets

About a decade ago, I found these ceramic eggs at Cracker Barrel. They were the perfect addition.

This basket sits on the table in my foyer for about 4 weeks every year and I LOVE it!


Kids’ baskets

Over the years, we have used different baskets for our kids. I like to get about 3-4 years of use out of them before buying a replacement. When the kids were little, they used the stuffed baskets that look like a bunny or soccer ball.

How a professional organizer, organizes Easter Baskets

The last few years, I went with these cheapy baskets. I didn’t love them, but they got the job done and I could spend more money on the gift.

Yep, we get gifts. I go a little overboard on holidays and for SURE on Easter. Here’s why.

First, my kiddos don’t get a lot of candy. It’s just NOT a good idea. One is allergic to chocolate and they both react poorly to red dye. So, I over compensate with gifts.

Another reason is because as I got older, my parents actually made the holidays MORE fun with elaborate egg hunts and bigger gifts. And I wanted to do the same with my kids.

And say what you will, but I’m going to buy my kids a lot of this stuff anyway – so they might as well get it on a holiday. Some of the gifts I am thinking of are – new swimsuits, towels, iTunes cards, sunglasses, new headphones and…

Abby is happily dog earing a 31 catalog. Having been in direct sales for their WHOLE lives, they know that mom being a rep = them being allow to buy stuff.

So this year, my kids’ “baskets” will be 31 bags

Look at all these creative “baskets!”

Get organized for Easter with 31 totes #org 31

This is the Thermal Tote for lunches $35

Sweet baby baskets – great for storing toys and as a car trash can.

Get organized for Easter with 31 totes #org 31

The Littles Carry All Caddy. Great for gift cards. $12

Get organized for Easter with 31 totes #org 31

Get organized for Easter with 31 totes #org 31

I love these summer blue bags. They remind me of the POOL! The bag on the left is the Keep-it Caddy. I have 4! $22

Get organized for Easter with 31 totes #org 31

Looking for a grown child – or AHEM – yourself? I don’t have a Cindy tote YET, but I have wanted one for years!

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 So how about you? What kind of Easter baskets do you use for your kids?


  1. Colleen says

    We actually use baskets that we used at our wedding to hold programs, collect cards, etc. They’re very sturdy & it’s a little nostalgic to get them out each year. Plus no new clutter came to live with us 😉

  2. Tammi says

    I Purchased Longaberger Easter baskets for my girls! An investment yes but they have lasted for many years and they now each have their own (first) Longaberger basket to start their collection! 1 Basket each for 20 years ..

  3. Mary says

    Love your ideas!
    I just became a Thirty One consultant because I love their systems and want to reorganize my house which lead me to your blog!
    I used to live in Cincinnati and loved my Longaberger baskets but never thought to display the Easter basket on our front table.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Will be curious to see what you do with the Halloween and Christmas baskets!

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