Profitable Organizer New Year’s Special

For years I have helped others organize their home and lives. About 6 years ago, some friends encouraged me to make it a business and charge for my services. And I LOVE organizing others.

I knew how  to organize. I have great referrals, but to truly have a fulltime organizing business, something was missing…

Last April, I found Profitable Organizer. Profitable Organizer helped me with my website, newsletters, Google ads and lots of business training. It was pretty much everything you need to be an organizer – except the how to organize part.

Maybe this is the year for you, too, to start an professional organizing business. You can read about my success here: Lisa’s interview with Profitable Organizer.

And check out the Profitable Organizer New Years Special . Today through the end of January 2,the price to become a Profitable Organizer member is 25% off!

AND you could win a mini iPad!

Profitable Organizer New Year's Special | Organize365


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