My Spring Cleaning Checklist

My Spring Cleaning Checklist | Organize 365

There is nothing more frustrating than to have to STOP a project to go BUY something to finish it.

So, I am getting ready for spring! {It’s gonna get here – right?!}

Here is my Spring Cleaning Checklist of items I am stocking up on for spring cleaning.

Thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this post. You all know Meijer is my ONE stop shop. I love getting everything I need in ONE trip!

Here are the 10 items I have on hand for my upcoming Spring Cleaning projects.

spring cleaning checklist

1. Lawn and leaf bags. I LOVE BIG bags like this for yard work and de-cluttering tasks. When I organize a kitchen, we often will set up one of these bags to catch all of the recyclable items like empty boxes, recyclable plastic containers and paper. This keeps the bulk out of the recycle bin and the recyclables out of the landfill!
2. Gardening gloves. I like to wear gardening gloves when I weed. Often, I will just pull a few weeds as I am walking around the yard, but if I am going to be pulling more than a handful of weeds, I use gloves. I have a few pairs, but I LOVE a fresh new pair of gloves each year.
Spring cleaning 2014
3. Preen Garden Weed Preventer. I LOVE a pretty garden with flowers and different things blooming all summer. … But I don’t have the time, or want to stop doing something else to make the time for that in this season of my life. SO, I have been systematically replacing our flower beds and mulched areas with… GRASS!
LOOK how well the area under the trampoline filled in! After 4 summers of eliminating gardens and planting grass I am finally down to JUST the gardens I want with almost ALL perennial flowers! I am going to weed and put down Preen Garden Weed Preventer under the mulch and FINALLY be able to relax outside instead of WORK!
Spring cleaning 2014-002
4. New flocked hangers for my daughter. I love my flocked hangers. I am picking up some more and changing Abby’s plastic hangers out for flocked ones. The flocked hangers keep her tops on the hanger and off the floor!
laundry baskets
5. New laundry baskets. I use my laundry baskets to collect donations, collect items and move them back where they belong in the house and for laundry. My baskets are about 8 years old and cracked. I need a few new ones. I will send the old ones FULL off to Goodwill!
6. Big garage hooks for a garage project. I am still working on getting my garage organized the way I want it. So, I am picking up some large garage hooks.
garage hooks
7. Washing machine washer packets. It drives me crazy that I have to wash my washing machine, but I DO, and as the weather warms up I will need to wash it more often.
8. Bleach, vinegar and baking soda.  Spring is the time when I use these cleaners the most, and I don’t want to be caught without them!
Spring cleaning 2014-001
9. Mr Clean and Windex. I use Mr. Clean to clean our Pergo floors on my hands and knees. Nothing else gets them as clean and streak free. For all other cleaning, I use Windex. We go through SO much Windex! I use it in the bathroom, on the kitchen counters, windows, laminate furniture and just about everything I clean and organize that is not “real” wood.
10. New kitchen towels.  I buy new kitchen towels twice a year. I LOVE having new kitchen towels!
Happy First day of spring everyone!

What about you? Did I forget something? What items do you keep on hand for Spring Cleaning?


  1. Whende Rueschhoff says

    Hi Lisa! Where did you find flocked hangers? They sound like something we TOTALLY need in our house! Thanks so much for all the awesome tips :)

    • says

      You’re welcome Whende! I bought them at Meijer {our grocery store}. You can find them lots of places I just don’t like to take extra trips. :)

  2. Sue in Tenn says

    Lisa, I also have a low water (front loader) washing machine and have had the smelly towels issue. I read somewhere that regular use of vinegar in with the towel washings will keep them smelling fresh and also help keep the build-up of crud on the drum to a minimum. I have done that for awhile now and haven’t had the problem. I’ve used as much as a cup of vinegar and you don’t even smell it, just the detergent smell. It also acts as a softener.

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