Strategic Partnerships ~ Why I Hired a Professional Organizer

I am getting much smarter as I age. ;)

I am realizing my strengths and limits and finding others who can help me get further faster than doing everything in my own strength.

This week, I am going to share how I am using professionals to grow my business and allow me to concentrate my time on my strengths.

Why I hired a Professional Organizer

I know you might be saying, you ARE a professional organizer! and I am, BUT I have come to discover that there are many different areas of expertise in the field of professional organization.

You wouldn’t go to just any doctor for bypass surgery, or hire a home builder to build a skyscraper.

I am a professional home and home based business organizer. I am NOT an electronic organizer. And as you can see from my love affair with my Cranberry Planner and Blackberry phone, I am not as high tech as I could be.

Strategic Partnerships: Why I Hired a Professional Organizer | Organize365

The Cranberry Part 1

The Cranberry Part 2


I hired an Electronic Professional Organizer.

Nancy’s heart goes pitter pat when you ask her how to sync calendars, schedule tasks and find contacts. I do not!

However, my Post-it notes, to-do lists and planner were not keeping up with the business I wanted to be doing. I spent HALF my week trying to figure out who to call when and what I was supposed to say! That’s when I knew I had to make the leap to a virtual calendar.

Since I am a Blackberry gal, Outlook was the answer for my contact manager and calendar needs. It would also work for email, but I like my Gmail canned responses and I finally have Gmail just how I want it!

Outlook has a problem with my private blog email addresses. I might get around to figuring that out one day, but not now!

Strategic Partnerships: Why I Hired a Professional Organizer | Organize365

An electronic calendar

I am really nervous about losing my WHOLE calendar. Since Outlook backs up to a Google Calendar – to my iPad AND my phone, I feel relatively OK about going digital.

I am LOVING that I can see all the calls I have scheduled in a day. I could never do that in my paper planner. I also like the reminders so I don’t miss a call!

Strategic Partnerships: Why I Hired a Professional Organizer | Organize365

I also like the ability to repeat tasks. Many of my calls repeat each week. This has saved me tons of time!

I LOVE the color coding!! I am such a visual person. The color coding also helps me see what business activities I am spending the most time on in each week.

My kids are light blue. Once I got all their events in the calendar, I saw why I wasn’t getting as much done as I anticipated! ;)

Strategic Partnerships: Why I Hired a Professional Organizer | Organize365

I have been using my new electronic calendar for 10 days, and I officially took the paper calendar out of my planner. I can see the day soon when this feels more natural.

More to learn

I have just grazed the iceberg of what Outlook can do for me. I am excited about using the Contact and Task features. However, I am learning to do just one thing to mastery and then add the next.

I was psyched when Nancy told me I was her only client with a Blackberry and an iPad. She also said I was tech savvy. :)

What about you? Do you use an electronic calendar?



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  1. Lisa says

    so what calendar app do you use on the phone? I have the gmail calendar also, only because I have never gotten outlook to work on my home computer and I have used outlook for 15 years at work.

    • says

      Hi Lisa-

      I was using Calenmob (I think) but it wasn’t really working. And then somehow my Google calendar synced to the iCal app. So now I can see my calendar, but not the color coding.

      This weekend I got an LG tablet from Verizon and I LOVE how I can see my Google calendar in COLOR on that! I will be blogging about that this summer.

  2. Erica says

    How do you get outlook to backup to google? I can’t find a way to do it….apparently there used to be a desktop app to do it, but it isn’t offered by google anymore.
    Please tell me how you’ve done it?
    Thanks so much!!!


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