90 Bags in 9 Weeks – Summer Decluttering Challenge

90 Bags in 9 Weeks - Summer Decluttering Challenge | Organize 365

It’s time for a Summer Decluttering Challenge!!

Carol and I left a job the other day where we filled 30 bags in 5 hours. 30 bags FULL of donations and trash.

While that was a few more bags than usual, we do fill a LOT of bags. My favorite black trash bags are the Kirklands brand from Costco.

They are larger than most, very strong and very economical. I go through a box of 90 every month.

90 Bags in 9 Weeks - Summer Decluttering Challenge | Organize 365

That same week, I went to get my daughter a picture for school… out of a box I thought was filled with duplicate pictures… it was FILLED with negatives.

First of all, I am NOT going to reproduce these pictures. I have the originals all in scrapbooks. I can and have taken them out of the scrapbook and put them back it.

Secondly, it is REALLY hard to even FIND a place to develop film, let along reprint a picture from a negative.


90 Bags in 9 Weeks - Summer Decluttering Challenge | Organize 365

It’s everywhere. My meticulously organized negatives are TRASH, and I thought I had already pitched them, but I hadn’t.

I don’t know if I or you can fill 90 bags this summer, but I’m going to try.

On every single organizing job I do, we start with getting rid of the trash and donations. THEN a few hours later, we are left with what NEEDS to be organized.

So, even if you aren’t an organizer, or will never hire an organizer, join me this summer and just try to fill a bag or 2 a day of stuff that is weighing you down. You don’t have to follow my list; just buy a BIG box of trash bags and start decluttering!

Here is a printable you can stick on your box of trash bags, refrigerator and bathroom mirror.

90 Bags in 9 Weeks - Summer Decluttering Challenge Printable Checklist | Organize 365

After we get home from the pool and the kids are upstairs showering or out on their bikes, I love to grab a trash bag and FILL it up with donations. I take the bag right out to the trunk of my car. That way, when I am out near Goodwill, I can just swing on by and drop it off.


I will be selling a few items, too. You can read this post about turning clutter into cash and decide if you’ll sell your clutter also.

Follow my progress on Instagram and make sure to join the group board on Pinterest!

Week 1: Stuffed Animals & Toys
Week 2: Medicine & Travel Supplies
Week 3: The Storage Room
Week 4: Negatives, VHS, Cassettes, & CDs
Week 5: Paper & Binders
Week 6: Disposing of Paint
Week 7: Basement Closets
Week 8: Kids’ Clothes
Week 9: Yard Waste


  1. says

    I’m totally down for the challenge. My husband & I are now in our fourth house in two & a half years & it’s gotten to the point that we haven’t even unpacked all the boxes, let alone remember what’s in them. Some of the boxes have been packed since our first move just under two years ago.

      • says

        I already have the printable sitting on my desk in my Office. I think I’m going to do one room a week. Will you be doing link ups for the challenge?

  2. Wendy Stewart says

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Do you separate recyclables such as in cases where there is a lot of paper clutter?

    2. I don’t have a car, so I’m not sure what to do with donation bags. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance and for the post!

    • says

      Hi Wendy-

      YES! I recycle as much as possible. I often will use large paper lawn and leaf bags if we have a lot of paper clutter like cereal boxes, shoe boxes and cardboard. You can also throw in anything that would be recyclable like cans and plastic water bottles at a party. Then I just put that big bag out next to my recycling bin.

      You can call Amvets, and Salvation army and see if they will come pick up your donations. If for some reason they wont, you can take a picture of your stuff and put it on Craigs List for FREE :)

  3. says

    It seems like I’m always organizing, throwing things away, recycling and donating. I have realized that it’s an ongoing task because so many things come into the home and not enough makes its way back out. Not sure if I’m up to the challenge, but I’ll definitely be clamping down on clutter at the same time!

  4. says

    I don’t know if all CVS drugstores do it or not, but our local CVS still processes film.

    I have just found your site (via Pinterest), so I am way late for your summer challenge. However, I am working on it for the fall/winter. It is the only time the temps are tolerable enough to go into the garage!

    • says

      Suzanne, being from Ohio I never thought about summer being TOO hot for working in the garage. It’s 32 degrees here today, so I am happy to be INSIDE!! :)


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