The Sunday Basket: Week 10 – Mail

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The Sunday Basket: Week 10 - Mail | Organize 365

I could not do nearly the amount of work I do if I did not have a weekly paper organization and planning system.

The Sunday Basket has increased my productivity, reduced our late fees and generally created sanity in our home. If this is the first time you’ve hear of the term “Sunday Basket,” well, that’s because I made it up! You can read all about how the Sunday Basket came to be here.

I learn best by watching what works for others, so, this year I am going to share my weekly planning with you with one caveat. These posts will be on a one week delay.  Read my first post here about what my Sunday routine looks like.

Each week, I am not going to BORE you with every little thing in my basket. I will pick 1 item and tell you why it is there and how that helps me plan a more efficient and productive week.

whats in the basket

How do you sort mail?

Honestly, most mail can wait a week to be opened. I have a friend who only gets her mail out of the mailbox once a week. While I don’t recommend that, I can see why she does it.

Mail takes a lot of time. And most of that is stupid, busy sorting time. So much of our mail is JUNK. There are a few things you can do to get your name off of some of these lists.

Whether you sort your mail daily or weekly, here is the process I use to sort my mail.

When life gets busy -I flip through the daily mail and drop it all in the basket for Sunday. Ta Da! Counter cleaned!

So, what about you? Do you have any tricks for staying on top of mail?

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  1. Carla says

    Yes. I get my mail daily and drop unwanted junk in the recycle bins in my garage. Doesn’t even make it into the house.

  2. Sue in Tenn says

    I guess I’ve gotten a little paranoid about identity theft. I don’t trust that having my name on that mail is safe after it leaves my house to be recycled. With junk mail, so much of it is offers for credit cards, insurance, etc., that I don’t want to recycle it without taking away the part with my name on it and shredding it (sometimes we use it as firestarter–lol). That’s what takes up all the time in my system–if you could call it one. (let it build up ’til I can’t stand it anymore!)


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