Branding Your Direct Sales Business

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Branding your direct sales business will set your business apart from the crowd, empowering you to help MORE people join your team and sell your product.

It’s crazy how it works, but focusing on a target market actually increases your sales and recruiting efforts!

Watch this quick video to find out more about Organize 365 teams. 

So, what is that training? I’m glad you asked!

  • Week 1: Your online presence is your brand. Who do you want to be? Setting up accounts.
  • Week 2: Your name, tag line & business cards.
  • Week 3: Writing a killer “About” page.
  • Week 4: 10-12 pillar posts that encompass your brand and YOU.
  • Week 5: Photos: Watermarking, capturing a screen image, PicMonkey.
  • Week 6: Pinning: Changing the URL, scheduling pins, boards.
  • Week 7: How to write a blog post.
  • Week 8: Understanding SEO & optimizing blog posts.
  • Week 9: How to leverage the current trends in social media.
  • Week 10: Instagram & Twitter.
  • Week 11: YouTube & Videos.

More details about how these teams will work:

You will receive the weekly training in your inbox. As you unpack that, you can interact with me and the group members in the Facebook group. It is SUPER hard to just *poof* come up with a blog name…or tag line…or new business card.

You WANT to bounce these ideas off people. The beauty of these teams is that everyone in the group is wanting the same feedback.

I, too, will pop into your group every day (Monday through Friday) and comment on the questions and posts for the day.

I have had SO much growth in my blogging by being in active Facebook groups. We encourage each other, share successes, troubleshoot problems and promote each other.

THIS component is what is missing in the training that I can provide to you on my own. You need a group of like-minded women to grow with that will stay together AFTER the training is over.

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How to sign up and FAQ

I have priced this team VERY reasonably at  $97 on purpose. I know how hard it is to get your home based business profitable.

When do the groups start?

As soon as you sign up – you will receive the first lesson in your inbox! Within 24 hours you will be added to the Facebook group and your remaining lessons will be delivered each week.

I highly encourage you to invite a friend to join a team with you. My business grows SO much faster when I can talk to a friend in person about my training offline. Think about your downline, upline, sidelines and other friends in direct sales who are looking to grow their businesses.

Do I need to be a writer to blog?

NO! A “blog” is a website where content is updated on a regular basis. You can post interviews, photos, resources, recipes, etc. Your blog is YOU on the web. What are your strengths? That’s what we will focus on.

Most of you will only write the 10 -12 posts outlined in this class. That is enough for you to stand out from the crowd!

How much interaction will we have from Lisa?

I will log in to the Facebook groups every day (Monday through Friday) and read what you have posted. I may just “like” your post or leave a comment.  If you want more feedback and a conversation with me at any time, you can purchase a coaching package, but, really, in the groups I am in, the feedback from the other team members is super helpful!

How long will the video training/ emails be?

Each video is between 5 and 18 minutes for the video training. It really depends on the subject. I will also include links to any resources I have used or those that would be helpful to you as well. You may want to create a folder for the emails to keep as a training manual for your brand.

Is this training for people in direct sales, or would it apply to those who are professional organizers, too?

Most of the examples and terminology are going to be geared to those in direct sales, BUT everything in these videos is also how I have grown THIS blog and my current professional organization business. So, yes, I think you would get the same value out of this training if you have a professional organization business.

How do we sign up?

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