Toy Closet Under The Stairs

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

Finding a good place to store toys is a challenge. The goal is to find a place that is accessible enough for your kiddos to retrieve and return  toys. It also has to be large enough to HOLD all the toys and be out of the way of foot traffic.

Honestly, I just try to see the toy years as a lost decade and work around it, but if you are in the thick of toyville, that’s not going to work for you!

Whatever space you have, think about the toys you want to store, the ages of your kiddos and their interests. This client had an awesome closet for toys that was located right under the stairs.

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

As you can see, the space was overrun by toys. There was no toy specific storage and many toys that just needed to be decluttered.

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

After decluttering the toys and seeing what was left, I used this over the door pocket system by Simply Stashed to hold all the smaller toy items. I put it in with command hooks so the door frame wouldn’t get ruined.

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

Next, I added my favorite shoe organizers as extra shelves in the closet. I LOVE these shoe organizers and use them everywhere! They come in white, natural and black. They also come in 24 inch and 31 inch lengths, so measure before you buy.

By adding those 2 shoe organizers, I was able to separate out tons of toys and utilize the depth of the closet. It is so nice to have a little shelf there to set things on as you are getting out or putting away toys.

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

This closet was for a boy between the ages of 8 and 10. You want to think about the age your child is and the NEXT stage they are going into when organizing their toys. Many children don’t want to part with old toys, but they also do not play with them.

TRY to keep only their favorite toys in the area you are organizing. I would often box up toys and put them in storage. They were available if the kids asked for them, but not causing visual clutter.

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

You can see how nicely shoe boxes and other plastic containers work to separate toys and act as removable drawers. This is an easy way for kids to take out a toy with multiple parts and have all those components together.

Ideally, it makes it easy to put away, too…

Toy Closet Under The Stairs | Organize 365

There are so many ways to organize toys. I will be sharing more toy organization tips on Living Dayton on Christmas Day! After the show airs, I will post it here as well.

How about you? What are your best toy organization tips?

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