What is your GLOW?

I’m a conference junkie. I admit it. I love learning and hearing stories of people who have already done what I want to do and have had success. It is so inspiring to me.

I have been listening the past few weeks to some great speakers. I have been reflecting on where I have been and where I am going with my life and my businesses. I am SUPER excited and motivated!

{I am busy writing my next eBook due out in 2 months.}

The message that has been ringing true for me is that each of us has a story to tell and that story is what our life message is about.

I feel I have 2 stories:

What Is Your GLOW? | Organize365

One I shared occasionally on my mommy blog Warrior MAMA.

What Is Your GLOW? | Organize365

The other is my passion and the excitement I get from helping others create systems and take control of the schedules and their lives through organization.

What Is Your GLOW? | Organize365

Watch the trailer for this movie Glow. {I also watched ALL the extra videos, too!}

What is your passion? What is your story? …


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    I glow when I’m helping someone whether it be though a blog post or actually “doing.” The challenge though has been making money with my talents, but I tend to give my time way rather than earn from it. However I will say My Farmer and I have two successful businesses where he does the hard labor and I’m responsible for the back end. So I can’t say I give away all my time for free. ;)~

  2. says

    I definitely GLOW when I’m editing. Time stops for me. I sit down and next time I look up, it’s hours later. I have to be careful not to started editing too late at night, or I have trouble getting to sleep, with my mind still editing.


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