Why I Can’t Organize Myself Like I Can Organize You

Even I, a professional organizer, can't organize myself like I can organize you. Read and relieve yourself from the guilt of not being able to do it all. | Organize 365

Why I can’t Organize Myself Like I can Organize You.

You’d think my home would be immaculate, right? You’d be wrong.

Yes, my systems are great. And, yes, I am super-efficient. But my house has people in it, so it has clutter!

I try to show you pictures often of overflowing trash cans, piles of laundry and “messes”. Because that IS my life.

Additionally, just like anyone else, I need to purge annually and “re-set” my own systems. And I do, but not nearly with the speed and efficiency that I do for my clients.


I have been really thinking about this because I like to use summer to get my house as organized as possible, and I am creeping along at a snail’s pace. I have come up with 3 reasons.

#1 I am working A LOT. Naturally, if you are not AT home, you cannot organize a home.

#2 My daughter is not a neat nick. Seriously. 8:30 am – no Inspector Clouseau needed for the detective work here. She clearly…

Why I Can't Organize Myself Like I Can Organize You | Organize 365

Ate Spaghetti O’s…Why I Can't Organize Myself Like I Can Organize You | Organize 365

Had a drink…Why I Can't Organize Myself Like I Can Organize You | Organize 365

Did an art project…

All before 8:30 am – how can I keep up with this?

#3 It is easier to clean up someone else’s mess.

A few years ago, I cleaned houses. I was pretty good, too. I could clean a 3-4 bedroom house top to bottom in 3 hours including washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

My house – 8 hours. Naturally I had to pick up “stuff.” I would usually reorganize as I went. I also did all the laundry that day. I would change light bulbs and small repairs…

But at the end of the day both houses were very clean. One took 3 hours, the other 8.

It’s just the nature of the beast. Cleaning and organizing your own stuff will take 2-3 times longer than having a professional do the job.

So cut yourself some slack.  And I’ll try, too. It’s going to get done… just maybe not today.



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    You are so right! I am excellent at organizing other people’s spaces. I can have a closet or cabinet done in no time flat. My own stuff takes much longer. It is easier for me to purge other people’s items because I have no sentimental attachment to them. My own stuff is much harder to deal with. I try to look at my own things from the perspective of someone else looking in but it doesn’t always work!


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