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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Lisa - professional organizer, productivity expert, and and motivational speaker. I'm excited to have you along for the journey to getting organized once and for all. I have so much to share witih you, so LET'S GET STARTED!

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Lisa Woodruff, CEO

Over a decade ago, I was swimming in paperwork, babies, and sleep deprivation. I created the Sunday Basket as a way for me to gain some kind of organization around the mass of paperwork that I was sure would eat me alive.

The Sunday Basket is my system for helping you get a handle on all the DAILY and ACTIONABLE papers that are floating around in your kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, mailbox, etc.

Everything you need to get started in the Sunday Basket.

The Paper Solution® provides a complete solution to the unseen but impactful organization that allows you to have confidence and peace of mind during life’s unexpected events.

The Productive Home Solution gives you the tools you need to reclaim your home and get back to fulfilling your unique purpose.

You just need a teacher who believes in you, has a plan to teach you the skills you need, and will cheer you on in the process.

I’ve spent the last ten years perfecting this system so that you can realize your dreams faster

I love to help discover what people are uniquely gifted and created to do.

What I have found inside everything I have tried to organize is there are always 4 kinds of work we are doing. This is what we identify here in the Business Friday Workbox®. 

Because I’m a teacher, I know that you need to have some structure in your job to be able to have the ability to do the creative things that you’re uniquely created to do. There are four different roles or four different things that you’re doing inside of your “work” all the time. You usually are only thinking about one or two of those and sometimes several of these are completely hidden to you and every single person in your company.

Using the Business Friday Workbox will help to make this invisible work visible to you and to others in your company.


What Our Students Have to Say

Organize 365 courses have been a game-changer! I'm now a pro at decluttering, managing my time effectively, and finding my true purpose. Life feels balanced and fulfilling. Thank you, Organize 365!
Emma Miller
Thanks to Organize 365 courses, I've finally conquered the chaos and found my productivity sweet spot. My home is organized, my schedule is streamlined, and I've discovered my unique purpose in life. Grateful beyond words!
Nora Olsen
Organize 365 courses have transformed my life! From clutter-free spaces to increased productivity, I'm now living with purpose. The courses provided the tools and guidance I needed. Highly recommend them!
Laura Anderson
I can't thank Organize 365 enough for their courses! They've empowered me to stay organized, be productive, and discover my true calling. Life is more fulfilling, and I'm forever grateful for this transformative journey!
Patricia Bennett
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