Join us for the Back to School Blitz!

You will spend a week deep-diving into preparing for the new school year - and we are not just talking school supplies! We will get a plan for everything from backpacks to hair cuts and everything in between! 

I will specifically be teaching you how to prepare for the new school year in these areas:

  • Clothing
  • Command Center
  • Supplies
  • Personal Grooming
  • Getting Out the Door

When you register for the Back to School Blitz, you will receive a downloadable instructional booklet and planning guide to make the most of every day!

Join me on my Facebook page on July 26-30 at 9:30 AM EST for a new video each day that will teach, inspire, and encourage you to take action. I will also encourage you to share your progress in our Facebook Group or tag me on Instagram.

If you are ready to have the best start to the new school year ever I invite you to register today by completing the form below!

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