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Angela Bockting


Angela Bockting

In 2018, after my father experienced an unexplained medical emergency, I became his full time caregiver and eventually his legal guardian. With six kids, a full time job, and a seasonal business, life was turned upside down. I was thrown into what Lisa calls the sandwich generation (caring for kids at home and aging parents). The Sunday Basket and all of the advice that I had gleaned from the podcasts over the years were instrumental in getting my paper and my life under control. I feel very passionately about using my journey through the paper piles to help others who find themselves in the sandwich generation, those who find themselves in a caretaker/guardian role, or those who would like to prepare for the unexpected or inevitable. 

As a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer, I am also able to help people in all stages of life purge their unnecessary papers and understand the difference between their active and reference papers. Using that knowledge, we can transform your home, your paper, and your life with the Sunday Basket, Organize 365® 4 Essential Binders, and the Warrior MAMA Binder.

Life is full of surprises, let’s make sure you’re ready.


Louisville, Kentucky


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