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Belinda Green


Belinda Green

I’ve always been organized at work. I went from the banking industry into the world of tax/payroll/accounting services. I wear multiple hats as I work among a fabulous corporate team and have been referred to as organized and efficient. On the side, I am a Daily Money Manager, helping others with life admin and financial tasks. However, I was not as organized and efficient in my other life roles: wife, mom, daughter, and caregiver managing a multigenerational household. 

Since I've started using the Sunday Basket, I've been able to manage all my roles so much better. I call it my "brain in a box" and it helps free up my own brain to work better. This fancy box is not just a bin for papers, it's the first step to set up a routine to handle the actionable papers. I call it "Life Admin", the work we do that keeps our home and family functioning. It may not be paid work, but it's important. And if not kept up on, can cost us. 

In my work, I've seen how stressful paper can be for others too. A lost paper, a tax form, a bank statement with unknown charges, or just the sheer volume of paper that floods in. Action paper, papers that you don't know what action is required, reference, reminders, or memories. Maybe you're in a new season of life, new to adulting, caring for a parent, or a widow. Whatever stage or age, you may need a little help to get a system in place. I'd like to help you.

If you're in my area and interested in some help easing the overwhelm of paper, please get in touch with me. I'd love to connect with you. Whether it's for one conversation, a single workshop, or ongoing guidance, let's make some progress together.



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