Lisa Piana

Mission Viejo, California

Hey there Mama!  I’m Lisa, and I specialize in organizing solutions for Moms with ADHD.  The Sunday Basket is not just a tool for organizing your papers it’s also a container and organizer for all of the ideas, thoughts, and “to-dos'' that are bouncing around like popcorn in your head.  The Sunday Basket is your external brain!  As a mom with ADHD myself, I can tell you The Sunday Basket is a lifesaver.  I am no longer living in “crisis mode” - no more missed bills, lost forms, or forgotten ideas!

I host Sunday Basket workshops specifically for moms with ADHD.  You will learn how to set up your Sunday Basket and use this fabulous tool to reduce decision fatigue, prioritize your tasks, and plan your week in a way that works for your unique brain!

Schedule your workshop by clicking the “View Website” button below. I can’t wait to meet you!

Aimee Sebestyen

Charlotte, North Carolina

Aimee Sebestyen

Charlotte, North Carolina

Sunday Basket Certified Organizer 

Annie Sisemore

Belton Kansas City, Missouri

Are you missing the skills required to organize your life at home and/or in the school district you work in? Are you a digital disaster in Google? I know I was! When I began listening and learning with Lisa Woodruff, something became clear to me over time: I was missing significant skills in organization! As a teacher at heart, I easily connected with the idea that rather than saying, “I am not an organized person”, that, instead, “ I am not an organized person yet.” Parallel to how as an educator we want our students to have that growth mindset. I needed to get one myself as a recovering paper and digital hoarder at home, on the computer, and in the classroom!

For the past 7 years I have worked as a District Instructional Coach and prior to that I spent 15 years teaching Middle School Math. I also work as an Adjunct Professor at a local college teaching classes to future teachers. As an educator, I live in a world of scaffolding and differentiating learning for students and adults. These skills coupled with a new mindset around organization, and valuable tools like the Sunday Basket and Education Workbox from O365, make me an ideal coach for your journey from disorganized to organized in the physical and digital world we exist in as educators.

Working with Educators is my passion and I specialize in digital and paper organizing to help you find the system that works best for you! If you are a teacher, administrator, instructional coach, college professor, (basically anyone in the field of Education) who is looking to take charge of your work space, gain focus on being your most productive self, and make impact as an educator, I would love to collaborate with you on your journey.  I am working in the Kansas City Missouri area as well as virtually. 

FocusED with Annie specializing in: Digital Organizing, Paper Organizing, & Education Workbox

Michele Vinje

Wausau, Wisconsin

I love the freedom, peace, and tranquility that a fully organized Sunday Basket and Paper system provides. Organization brings peace of mind and helps you reclaim your time. It simplifies your life so you can live your best life. It opens up choices and possibilities by living proactivity not reactively.
As a seasoned High School teacher, I learned early on that planning and organizing have made my life run more smoothly and efficiently. I love that organization, habits, and routines free up time so we can focus our energy on life decisions even if those decisions are to do nothing at all.  I am a High School Economics and Personal Finance teacher.

Specializing in: Education Friday Workbox, Financial Binder.

Michele is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Paper Solution Certified Organizer. She is trained to assist others to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.

Wendy Walker

Hemet, California

I love the Sunday Basket system! I now Have one place for all of my to dos, bills to pay or ideas I have. I also love the fact that I can tell my husband or daughter where to go to get a specific paper they need without having to be there. I am no longer wasting time searching for papers I need or forgetting to do things that need to be done. It has changed the paper part of my life! I would love to help you get your paper organized and your Sunday Basket started.