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handmade christmas gifts

Some of my most treasured possessions were heirloom Christmas gifts. Do you have a gift you can give your family that will last for generations?

My grandfather passed away last year, just shy of his 103rd birthday. He was the first in his family to graduate from college right in the thick of the Depression.

Grandpa moved to Cleveland and was a mechanical engineer as air conditioning was just starting to come into vogue. He retired in his 70’s and kept busy making items for the family in his woodworking shop. His creations were always functional and solved a problem. He started with lap boards so we could work while sitting in easy chairs. Later, he created  a few shelves for my mother’s never ending stamp collection. One year, I asked for a shelf for my collection, too. I knew I wanted something made by grandpa and this would be good.

But I wanted something more. Something that could be passed on for generations. Something that would bless our family and all who saw it. I wanted… a manger.

“A manger?” grandpa said. I think it was a tall order. But that Christmas when Joey was just a baby himself Grandpa delivered – a manger.

Every year it sits in my front hall. Most visitors comment, and I am able to share how my grandpa, then 89, made this manger for me. The greatest gift I have ever received is the gift of that baby in the manger. I hope your Christmas is blessed and you feel the never ending love of the baby Jesus.
Merry Christmas
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