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At the end of the year, we all gather together to spend the holidays with family and friends. No matter what specific holidays you celebrate, this season is full of food, hospitality, warmth, and cheer. It can also be a time of intense stress and chaos! 

For me, the holiday season is all about simplifying and strategically making memories with my family. While the dinners, decorations and big events are fun, what really matters is spending time celebrating with those I love. 

During this free challenge, we will be focused on spending five days deep diving into planning super fun, super fantastic holidays!

  • Monday, November 1: Planning Thanksgiving & December Holidays ~ Memories 
  • Tuesday, November 2: Planning Thanksgiving & December Holidays ~ Food
  • Wednesday, November 3: Planning Holiday Decorating and Gift Giving 
  • Thursday, November 4: Household Projects
  • Friday, November 5: Sanity Savers and Creating a Holiday Sunday Basket ~ Putting it all Together 

When you register for the Holiday Blitz, you will receive downloadable printables to make the most of the Holiday Blitz.

I will be on Facebook and Instagram on November 1-5 at 9:30 am EST to teach, inspire, and encourage you to take action. I will also encourage you to share your progress in our Facebook Group or tag me on Instagram.

If you are ready to have the best holiday season ever, I invite you to register today by completing the form below!

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