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All Access Essential FAQs with Emily Kelly

by Lisa Woodruff

Nov 5, 2021 | Episode 456 | 1:14:37

In the current podcast series, I am sharing my conversations with members of the Dream Team while we are in the messy middle of some of our current transitions. In this four part series we will be unpacking the most commonly asked FAQs for different parts of the Organize 365® transformational journey. I want to keep you updated on changes and improvements as we declutter and organize before our 10th Anniversary in January 2022. We are not eliminating anything, or raising our prices on any existing products. We are simply doing some decluttering, organizing, and increasing productivity.

This week, I am sharing my conversation with Emily Kelly, our Director of Customer Success as we dive into All Access - the complete solution to getting finally organized. Honestly, I don’t think we realize how much our physical home impacts our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. We underestimate the impact getting organized can have on our lives - even up to ten years into the future.

I designed All Access to motivate, encourage, and inspire you to go after your own dreams. Getting organized is just the starting point to sharing your unique gift with the world. There are lots of questions we get about All Access, so listen in and see if we answer yours!

All Access FAQ

Yes! All of the Organize 365® systems work together. The Sunday Basket® is the foundation of an organized home. You can start with the Sunday Basket® and then go All Access, or you can buy them together and have all of your supplies for Lisa school ready to go at once.

Decluttering This is the first approach many people take when “getting organized.” It is the easiest and quickest way to change your space. Get rid of whatever you don’t need in a space and be done. 

Organizing After removing excess from your home, take what is left and organize those items. Put similar items together using what you already have in your home.

Productivity Become more productive - get more things done in less time. Digitize, optimize, or make things useful.