Book Review: Benjamin Berkley - The Complete Executor's Guidebook

by Lisa Woodruff

May 10, 2021 | Episode 405 | 5:43

Benjamin H Berkley, Attorney at Law | The Complete Executor's Guidebook | Book Review by L. Woodruff

On Mondays, I will be posting a podcast recording of previously recorded book reviews. These are books that have impacted me that I want to share with you. In May, the Organize 365 book reviews will focus on estate planning and home organizing. This week I am reviewing The Complete Executor’s Guidebook by Benjamin H. Berkley. 

This book was my lifeline the year my father was sick, fell ill, and ultimately passed away. It answered a lot of the questions I had and helped me to organize my thoughts. There are a ton of checklists and some state specific information in this book. It is a great reference book to have in your home. 

I learned so much from this book that helped us settle our estate more easily and quickly than we might have otherwise have done. It helped me organize the paper and ask the right questions in order to make this process more efficient and to make progress. 

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