Book Review: Rebecca Matthias - Motherswork

by Lisa Woodruff

Feb 22, 2021 | Episode 383 | 4:09

Rebecca Matthias | Motherswork | Book Review by Lisa Woodruff

On the last Monday of every month, my book review will highlight a female founder or business owner. 

Motherswork: How A Young Mother Started A Business On A Shoestring And Built It Into Multi-Million Dollar Company by Rebecca Matthias is an inspirational book for me about starting a company from home and growing it beyond all expectations. She shares her 3 simple rules for starting any business.

In the 1980’s, Rebecca founded one of the first companies offering maternity wear to corporate working women. At the end of each chapter, she shares some details about her business growth and gives recommendations for others to apply the same lessons to their own businesses. I share some of what I learned from the book and how I have applied it while growing Organize 365. 

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