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NEW Sunday Basket & Embrace Announcements

by Lisa Woodruff

Jun 28, 2020 | Episode 341 | 27:59

This week, our podcast is releasing on Sunday, at the exact time I’m making these same announcements and sharing this information at Embrace! I did pre-record this podcast, but I am terrible at keeping secrets and didn’t want to make you wait an extra minute to get this information… so I’m launching it early.

First, we have a NEW Sunday Basket®!!! The paper management system is not changing at all, but we are upgrading the physical portion of the Sunday Basket® and we have some new color options – Organize 365 Pink, Classic Navy, Slate Gray, Vintage Plum, Hunter Green, Sky Blue. I want the Sunday Basket® to be strong enough for you to use as a work horse. The new Sunday Basket® is fabric over cardboard, and no longer has a lid.

We have a brand new #SundayBasketClub mug that you can earn by sharing your Sunday Basket® on Facebook or Instagram. Check out the rules and get more information at organize365.com/contest

Next, I am announcing that the Friday Workboxes are getting an upgrade. Now, every person who purchases a Friday Workbox will have access to the Friday Workbox Club!!! Starting July 17th, 2020, we will be hosting a Workbox Club on Fridays from 4-5:30 pm EST in the Workbox Facebook Group. Just like the Sunday Basket® Club, this will be on Facebook and available as a replay if the LIVE time does not work for you. We have categorized the Workbox Club into three major focus areas – paid work, education, or for a passion project.

Finally, I am sharing that the 100 Day Home Organization Program is getting an app to help you get your home organized. We are hoping the app will be ready to launch for the Fall 2020 round of the 100 Days – next round starts September 7th, 2020. There will be NO additional charge – it will be included with your purchase of the 100 Day Program.