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    Complete Sunday Basket® System

     Sunday Basket  Courses


    The Complete Sunday Basket® System includes: Access to the weekly LIVE Sunday Basket® Club, a physical Sunday Basket® in the color of your choice, one set of (5) - 1.0 rainbow slash pockets, one set of (20) - 2.0 monochromatic slash pockets, and lifetime access to a collection of on-demand workshop training videos.

    Are you ready to create a lasting system for the paperwork and to-do’s that clutter your kitchen counter tops and your mind?

    The Complete Sunday Basket® System is the solution for you.

    The System includes: 

      • Physical Sunday Basket® in the color of your choice 
      • Set of (5) - 1.0 rainbow slash pockets
      • Set of (20) - 2.0 monochromatic slash pockets
      • On Demand Workshop training videos to learn The Paper Solution™
      • BONUS - Weekly LIVE Facebook Live Sunday Basket® Club

    Where do I START organizing? That’s the number one question I get asked as a professional organizer.

    And while that is a loaded question with multiple “right” answers, I have decided to start all of my clients with a simple system I call The Sunday Basket®.

    You see, organization is a way of living, and “being organized” is a way of thinking.

    The Sunday Basket® is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter “to do” papers, and ongoing household projects.

    The weekly routine of collecting, processing, and maintaining household to do’s and papers is the perfect training ground for all your future home organization skills.

    And, like it or not, the mail just keeps on coming… giving us plenty of practice to hone and refine our organizing skills.

    The Sunday Basket® can be as simple as the place you drop your unopened mail to complex enough to run every aspect of your household.

    Over the last 16 years, I have tweaked and honed my Sunday Basket® into a productivity machine.

    I rarely misplace any to-do and my family knows to drop all receipts, notes, and mail right in my Sunday Basket®.

    The key to my productivity is a set of color-coordinated slash pockets that keep my ongoing ideas and tasks in order and in sight without getting in my way.

    We conducted a time study to see how much time people REALLY saved by using the Sunday Basket®

    You can see the results by watching this video: 

    See what Pam had to say about the difference it made in her life by watching this video: 

    The basket is 13″ wide x 9″ high x 9″ deep. The velcro attachment inside gives you a bit of flexibility depending on how you attach it. It creates a section that is 2.75 to 3.5 inches.

    Select your color of Sunday Basket® from the drop-down menu to complete your order.

    Hear what others have to say about the program: 

    "When I first heard about the Sunday Basket®, I thought it was a great idea. I've always loved organizing my papers. I thought it was such a simple concept that I could do it on my own. So I went out and bought some slash pockets and a cheap file box from my local big box store. I sorted all my papers and put them in the file box...And I never used it again. Once I invested in a real Sunday Basket®, and all the training and community that comes with it, I realized what I had been missing. Now my Sunday Basket sits on my kitchen counter looking pretty and being put to good use every single day. I want to tell everyone I know about the Sunday Basket® and teach them how it can work for them too." — Candida 

    “My Sunday Basket® has been in practice for a full year this week. What a difference it has made in our household this year! Setting up my basket I found loose $$, unused gift cards, long-lost credits, forgotten groupons, unsent cards/gifts, unsubmitted reimbursements, duplicate purchases, unpaid bills, overdue books, etc. I spent the year spending, using, sending, submitting, paying, returning the backlog and setting up my slash pockets to be proactive instead of so reactive. Not to mention that there is no paper clutter in my house - so calming! Thank you Lisa Kelly Woodruff, Monique Horb and those in the club who bring such good ideas!” — Jeanine

    "I had a Sunday Basket® moment last night. True Story. Standing in my kitchen with my husband as we were getting ready to go out for the evening, my youngest son comes in and asks where his library card was. Now I haven't seen that card in months!! I calmly said, ‘check your slash pocket.’ He said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Go over to my Sunday Basket® and check the slash pocket with your name on it.’ He walked over, found his slash pocket, and looked through it. Sure enough it was there!! I thought, ‘I just saved 45 minutes of my life!!’ I would have had to search the 3-4 piles around my house and probably still wouldn't have found it because it would have been in a drawer or something. I would have been frustrated and felt like I let my family down. Frustrated because I was disorganized. I didn't feel any of that thanks to the Sunday Basket®! Thanks Lisa!! Love my Sunday Basket®!!" — Vanessa

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    Kelly -
    I purchased and received my complete Sunday Basket in March. I follow several organizers online, each with different types of guidance (meals, family scheduling, finances, etc.). I had liked Lisa's book "How ADHD Affects Home Organization". I started listening to her podcasts, and her energy and professionalism drew me in more! I had been aware of her Sunday Basket system, but I decided I was now really ready to use it in my life. Things I especially love about it: the ease-of-use features, and (no lie!) all the colors of the slash pockets and the box/"basket" itself! The slash pockets are really great - you can slide things into them while they are stored in the basket, you can take individual pockets with you as needed (ie. on errands), and you label them as needed for your personal use (with suggested guidance). The basket is open-top, and you and your family just drop things into the wide, open space within the basket to fully address later (on Sundays, or as regularly as possible). The shipping cost of the complete system is included :) as is the Sunday Basket Club (the Facebook group with live weekly support). I've received excellent responses from the Organize 365 Team each time I've had a question. If you want to get a grasp on paper overwhelm, the Sunday Basket system is a good one, with lots of support!
    Organize 365
    Kelly- Thanks so much for leaving a review! We are so glad you love your Sunday Basket!
    Betsy -
    I love Lisa and have listened to her podcasts for quite some time now. I LOVE her book The Paper Solution. I am frugal so I made my own Sunday Basket, but it didn't really work for me. I didn't consistently keep up with it weekly. I bit the bullet and bought the Complete Sunday Basket System, and it was the best decision I made in 2020!! I find the Facebook live every week is the key for me. I have it scheduled on my weekly schedule (though I can watch a replay if I miss the 5:00 pm FB Live). I make Sunday evening my productivity time. The Sunday Basket has revolutionized my life, my schedule, and my paper! My husband knows to put everything directly into the Sunday Basket on my desk and HE knows that I'll take care of everything each week. This helps our home workflow and organization, and nothing gets missed or forgotten anymore. THANK YOU, LISA!! I am thrilled with this purchase, and I know I more than earned back $97 worth of time and sanity within the first month. Do not hesitate to purchase the basket. Use the FB group and the FB live as your accountability partner.
    Diane -
    I love my Sunday Basket System. I have a "home" Sunday Basket and two portable Sunday Baskets. I wear many hats in my family and take care of my dad's home, health and finances as well as for me and my husband (plus 3 dogs). I am not completely organized yet... but I have made great improvements from where I started!
    Organize 365
    Diane- This is so great to hear! Thanks for the review!
    Elaine -
    At work I had a bank of file cabinets, maybe 10 or 12. I had file cabinets at home too. But paper was never under control, even with a wonderful assistant at work. I paid good money to learn and implement the best. It all helped---but I didn't want "better." I just wanted an organized brain that produced an orderly, functioning world where paper and schedules supported me, not "shouted" at me. I was chronically ill and raising little ones. I just lacked energy, not drive. i just couldn't keep on top. Then came a brain tumor and brain surgery, divorce and cancer. Can I say that all the years before this, working on paper organizing, the a few years since surgery, NOTHING remotely comes close to this system! Lisa has thought of everything we need to make a success. Just invest in this and keep chipping away as you can. The effort you invest will not be wasted, this time! You have found help, for real. The Sunday Basket does not waste your energy, money or hope budget!
    Organize 365
    Elaine-Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and how the Sunday Basket® System is working for you.
    Judy -
    I have been listening to Lisa's podcasts for a few years now. After spending more than the price of this system to try and recreate the Sunday Basket product, I finally sprang for the purchase. I realized the value wasn't just in the physical product itself, but the access to the thought process, the videos, and most importantly the community that shares such great ideas. My recommendation is instead of wasting money trying to recreate this product, go ahead and purchase it and then spend the time more wisely in training and making the tweaks to make Lisa's system your own. Happy Organizing!
    Karen -
    The Sunday Basket has cleared my head of unnecessary stress through the week. I know what needs to be done, I get it done and I have a system to keep it going week after week. I completed all but one task this past week.
    Organize 365
    Karen, this is amazing to hear! Thank you so much for leaving a review :)
    Melinda -
    You can never start too soon in getting your life/household organized. (It's never too late either.) The Sunday Basket is the perfect way to get started. It's hard to believe this simple system can do so much for a person's brain. The basket provides a physical place to put papers/items you don't have time to deal with now, but that you'll need to get to later. The more I use my basket, the more I understand the depth of what it does for me. Example: Instead of making a pile of papers that come into the house that seems to just stare at me all week, I just place them out-of-sight in my basket, knowing I have committed to going through all of it on Sunday. This creates fewer interruptions throughout the week so I can focus on what I had already planned. If it can wait until Sunday, it goes in the basket. DONE! I can't recommend the Sunday Basket enough. Every household needs one of these. It would make the perfect graduation gift, wedding gift, 16th birthday gift, house-warming gift, etc. The staff at Organize 365 is wonderful too. They are always available to answer questions and offer plenty of tips & encouragement. Their staff, and support from their loyal members alone, are worth the cost of the investment into the Sunday Basket System. I wish I would have had this 43 years ago when I got my first apartment!
    Organize 365
    Melinda- Wow! What an awesome testimony. Thank you so much! We are so happy to have you as part of the Organize 365 community.
    Virginia -
    I have tried to make my own Sunday Basket as I have listened to Lisa's podcasts for at least a couple years but was having trouble fully understanding the process. For Christmas this year, I used money my parents gave me and bought the Complete Sunday Basket System. I am still working on consistently going through it each week but it is helping (especially with that panicky "I'm forgetting something" feeling) and I know where things are. The Sunday Basket Club meetings each week that you can join with your purchase are so helpful to hear others questions and also to ask your own. Still have a lot of old papers to sort through but so excited with the direction I am headed. Thank you Lisa and the Organize 365 Team!
    Organize 365
    Virginia, We are so happy to hear you are finding success with your Sunday Basket! Thanks for the sweet review! :)
    Michelle -
    I ordered the Sunday Basket and the 100 Day Program at the same time. I enjoy cleaning, but organizing (especially paper organizing)...not so much! The Sunday Basket is helping me get into a much improved routine and I love how I'm feeling more together!
    Organize 365
    Hi Michelle~ Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so happy to hear that the Sunday Basket® is helping with your paper and making you feel more together!