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Warrior Mama IEP Binder

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The Warrior Mama Binder designed by Lisa Woodruff provides you with the skills and supplies you need to get and stay organized.

Are you facing a new diagnosis of a disability for your child? Are you overwhelmed trying to keep the paperwork organized to manage your child’s medical needs, school based accommodations, and education progress? The Warrior Mama Binder designed by Lisa Woodruff provides you with the skills and supplies you need to get and stay organized. Lisa is the mother of two special needs children who have been in a variety of learning settings (including homeschool) and she has written down her advice and guidance for getting your child organized.

The Warrior Mama IEP Binder is the way to keep your child’s disability and IEP/504 paperwork organized. It includes categories for:

  • Diagnosis
  • Educational accommodations, goals, and evaluation
  • Your child’s support team
  • Finances

This is a physical 2″ 3-D ring ONE touch deluxe binder that will be shipped to you containing beautifully designed, full color forms and worksheets to help you record and track your medical information quickly and efficiently.

Notes: The binders hold 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper with the capability to add printouts from your doctor, articles you want to reference, or anything else you want to keep with your medical information.

The Warrior Mama Binder includes a workbook and printables, one set of 2.0 slash pockets, 1 pack of 50 sheet protectors and 2 business card holder inserts.

Purchase a binder and fill it out independently, or join us for a workshop where a Certified Organize 365 Workshop Organizer will walk you through each page and help you sort and organize your child’s information.

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Hear what others are saying about the Warrior Mama Binder: 

“I just have to give kudos…to Warrior Mama [Binder]. I have been working with the school on trying to get transportation from my a place to help meet his needs since they can’t. I have been trying to get it added to his IEP…I had my meeting today, walked in with my Warrior Mama binder and walked out with ...more than what I was expecting! If you have a child with special needs, this is the binder you need! Everything in its place and all paperwork on hand needed immediately.” Shea

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