Discovering YOU: How You Think (Kolbe)

by Lisa Woodruff

Mar 19, 2021 | Episode 390 | 48:42

I am starting a new four part podcast series on discovering you. This week, I will introduce you to the Kolbe Assessment. The Kolbe Assessment helps you understand how you think and how you approach working on a project.

As a person, mother, and teacher, I have always focused on discovering and empowering the uniqueness of every single person. I have also been fascinated by how multiple people can use their unique strengths together to create something bigger than they could as individuals.

In fact, the mission of Organize 365 reflects that my purpose is to help others realize their unique purpose. 

Organize 365® helps busy women, in all phases of life, learn the skill of home and paper organization in one year with functional organizing systems that work. By acquiring these skills, women are free to pursue their passions and gift the world with their unique, God-given talent.

Traditionally, we educate children so that they are well rounded and exposed to many subjects. However, the reality is that successful people are often really good at one thing, and merely competent in the rest of their lives. In order to help others understand their unique gifts, and build teams  to impact a larger organization, I use the Kolbe Assessment as one of the tools in Organize 365.

The Kolbe Assessment is a test of how you think, not personality or intelligence. In fact, it quantifies your “method of operation” according to Kathy Kolbe. There are four action modes: fact finder, follow through, quick start, and implementor. Each of these modes is a range that describes how a person gets things done. Knowing how individuals prefer to work helps to build a team that has synergy, collaboration, and functions well together. Each person can act in their unique gifting, with their energy, and how their brain thinks. 

Fact Finder - How much information is needed before making a decision

Follow Through- How much systemization is need to do a project

Quick Start - How fast you act upon an idea after having it

Listen in as Lisa shares her own Kolbe score, and then how she uses it for the Organize 365 Dream Team. She also shares some detailed examples of the different ways you might use your thinking energy and how it would look as you encounter different life events. Knowledge of yourself and your team is immensely powerful once you know how you think and address your projects. 

Lisa also addresses how this knowledge has helped her to focus her time, energy, and money to complete projects that make an impact, rather than starting hundreds of projects that never get finished. She shares her secret for keeping track of her ideas until the time is right (spoiler alert: it’s the Sunday Basket®!). Allow each member of the Organize 365 Team to know their own Kolbe score helps the team work well together and has contributed to our ongoing growth!


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