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What does it mean to be truly organized?

The Paper Solution® provides a complete solution to the unseen but impactful organization that allows you to have confidence and peace of mind during life’s unexpected events.

Learning to become an organized person is both an outer and inner game.

It doesn’t always look perfect – but it provides calm in the storm, order in the midst of chaos, breathing room and clarity for you to think and make a plan as life continually pivots.

Life is a dance. A dance between the known and unknown. The necessary and unnecessary. How you want to spend your time and how you need to spend your time.

Along the way we have different levels of organization. Often when we talk about getting organized, we talk about our storage room, closet, kitchen or car. Places we can see with our eyes.

Mental organization and unexpected life event organization is often invisible. But oh so impactful when done properly.

If you have experienced one of these events:

  • Moved houses/apartments
  • Gotten married
  • Had a baby
  • Experienced a medical event for yourself or loved one
  • Lost a loved one

The invisible work that goes into navigating these life events is very stressful, and organization is your life raft.

The Organize 365® Binders were created out of all the unexpected events that I have lived through. I was looking for a solution. A solution to organize the invisible work I was doing and provide a playbook for what needed to be done.

Let me show you how The Paper Solution® can help you prepare yourself and your loved ones for life’s unexpected events.


The Medical Binder

The Organize 365® Medical Binder was created to solve the problem of: “How do I become power of healthcare for someone”? And: “How can I easily delegate my healthcare to someone if needed”?

I know it’s not at all fun to think about. But if you have ever found yourself as a caretaker for a loved one or found yourself in need of care – you may have felt like there was no instruction manual. This IS your instruction manual.

You may be surprised to learn that almost nothing that you need to complete the workbook included with The Medical Binder is in your filing cabinet or current paperwork. The majority of what you need to create this binder is in your brain. And if you don’t take the time to write out your medical history, you won’t have it when someone else needs it. 

This binder also works great as the foundation for an informal interview for the person or persons you may end up being a caretaker for.

The Financial Binder

The Organize 365® Financial Binder was born out of my own experience settling my father’s estate. The loss of a loved one is devastating. The amount of invisible work that came along with settling an estate brought about a whole new level of stress. Yes, there are professionals there to help; but they don’t know what they don’t know…and neither do you.

The workbook inside The Financial Binder was created by people who have settled estates and it was reviewed by a CPA who specializes in settling estates. 

This binder is actionable for you throughout your life. The Financial Binder is important for tracking all elements of your financial and work history such as military IDs, stock certificates, life insurance polices, 401ks, IRAs, beneficiaries. It’s a curated, done-for-you solution for keeping all of this information up-to-date.


The Household Reference Binder

The Organize 365® Household Reference Binder is for your home. For many of us, our home is our biggest asset. This binder is designed for you to keep track of all the systems, moving parts, decorative and maintenance related aspects of your home. You will find yourself using this binder A LOT. If you need a new part for a broken appliance, if you need to touch-up the paint in a room, when you need to order mulch for the spring and want to remember how much to order – this is your go-to binder for all that information.

This is also the binder you would take to a real estate agent when you go to sell your house. This binder has everything in it you would need to fill out disclosures, and can be used to demonstrate improvements made to the home that could potentially increase the value.

The included workbook will walk you through your home room-by-room (and the yard, too!) to document all the things you need to know or keep track of to easily maintain your home.

The Household Operations Binder

The Organize 365® Household Operations Binder is the icing on the cake! We cover some difficult topics in The Paper Solution® (no one ever said the invisible work of organizing would be fun). But, The Household Operations Binder is where you get to have some fun!

This binder is all about you, your uniqueness, your family, how you celebrate life and the things and traditions that make your family unique and special.

This workbook will help you document and organize your pet records, vacations, celebrations (birthdays, holidays, etc.), cleaning schedules, meal planning, babysitting and so much more. This workbook is the biggest of the bunch! There are so many wonderful ideas on how to run your household more effectively and efficiently as well as how to plan for fun!

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The Paper Solution® Binders


The Paper Solution®

The unseen but impactful organization that allows you to have calm in the midst of chaos during any of life’s unexpected events.

Everything you need to make the invisible work visible:

Live a proactive, productive and positive life. Get started today so you can thrive in every season!

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