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  • A home you can’t wait to come home to at night.
  • A home where everything has a place. A home where you feel confident and at peace.
  • A home where you eagerly entertain family and friends.
  • A home that is free of clutter.
  • A home you love living in.
  • A home where you pursue your passions.
  • Your home.

I know, I know. You have TRIED to get your whole house organized before, but it hasn’t worked.

Or worse, you used to be organized, but nothing you try now can get you back to that organized feeling again.

That was me on January 1, 2012. I was about to turn 40 and I didn’t even recognize the house we lived in for the last 15 years.

Every drawer was a junk drawer.

There was no rhyme or reason to what was shoved in our closets.

I felt humiliated as a woman and as a homeowner. Why couldn’t I “get it together?”

Our bills were late because I couldn’t find them.

Every night, I felt like I was further behind in my work, household responsibilities, and family obligations than when I started the day.

I. Was. Drowning.

I put everything on hold, canceled as much as I could on my calendar, and decided I was going to get organized!

I did it!!

I can hear you talking to me right now…

  • HA! Organized! I’d be happy just to be able to find my keys.
  • Sure, I’d like to be organized, but I’ve tried before and nothing works.
  • I don’t want to get my hopes up. It’s too depressing to think about how I would feel if this doesn’t work.
  • I don’t have the time…

This is not just a program…It is a life-changing course and experience.

The enormity of organizing your whole house is overwhelming. You don’t know where to start and easily get discouraged.

I know.

But I also know how it feels to be on the other side of the chaos.

I reclaimed my home, strengthened my marriage, and prioritized how I was spending my time with our teenagers. Out of that rebirth, The Productive Home Solution® course was created.

Now my mission is to empower and equip YOU to live a more organized life and feel the freedom I now have in the way I spend my time.

I will teach you every step of the way!

You will be joining a completely new, amazing community of goal-oriented, life-long learners (like you!). A community of people who are all taking back the organization of their homes with you.

  • I’ll be your teacher and keep you moving forward with exactly what area to organize next.
  • This proven step-by-step course WILL get your house organized.

Stop passively organizing. You don’t need to gather any more information. The Productive Home Solution® comes complete with everything you need to get your home organized. It’s time to take action and focus all your efforts on learning to be organized while actually getting it done – once and for all.

This course has worked for thousands of people and it will work for you, too!

It’s time to invest in yourself. Get started today so you can thrive in every season!

The Productive Home Solution®

The Productive Home Solution gives you the tools you need to reclaim your home and get back to fulfilling your unique purpose.

You just need a teacher who believes in you, has a plan to teach you the skills you need, and will cheer you on in the process.

I’ve spent the last ten years perfecting this system so that you can realize your dreams faster.

It’s not wishful thinking. You really can conquer the world!

Organize 365® Dashboard

The Productive Home Solution® comes with access to the Organize 365® Dashboard where you will find the online training for The Productive Home Solution®.

In here you will find how to get started, lessons for decluttering, organizing, and increasing productivity in your home; resources, and a specially curated Productive Home Solution Podcast Playlist.

Organize 365® Community

We welcome any Productive Home Solution purchasers to join us in our exclusive online community. This is an accountability and encouragement group to support what you are doing in your home. You can find the Organize 365® Community here. 

The Productive Home Solution® Playbook

The Productive Home Solution is everything you need for your year of transformation...

  • The Productive Home Solution Course – lessons to get you organized in all areas of your home.
  • The Productive Home Solution Private Podcast – guiding you through each week in your transformational year.
  • The Organize 365 Community – where you can find the new podcast – and support from Tanya.

It’s time to invest in yourself.
Get started today so you can thrive in every season!

ADHD Bundle

Can I Use My HSA, FSA, Or HRA To Expense The ADHD Bundle?

The Organize 365 products support the executive functions which can be impaired in ADHD, specifically, the executive functions for working memory, planning & organizing, task monitoring, organization of materials, and task initiation. Your healthcare provider will need to substantiate that this intervention will be of benefit for a person’s ADHD diagnosis in order to use their HSA/FSA/HRA monies.

Not all HSA/FSA/HRA providers will allow this type of reimbursement, but many do.


INCLUDES:  Sunday Basket Home Planning Day, The Paper Solution®, The Complete Sunday Basket®, How ADHD Affects Home Organization Book.

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